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Aug 8, 2006 04:06 PM

A week in Milwaukee

Greetings everyone. I'm leaving tomorrow to spend a week in Milwaukee. I plan on eating my way through the town.

Aside from the frozen custard and lunch at El Rey, where are some places I should try?

I will be staying in the St. Francis area.

Oh yeah. I'll only get one Fish Fry, where should I go?

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  1. It's not the first time I've posted these...but from the low-end of the price range:

    Polonez in St. Francis (4016 S. Packard Ave) if you have any interest in the Polish food Grandma used to make. I would especially recommend the Sunday brunch if you're there over the weekend. Here's an article on the place from 2002, but it may as well have been written yesterday:

    Jake's Deli is a must if you like Jewish corned beef on rye. They also have excellent pastrami but the corned beef shines here. A couple miles northwest of downtown.

    Link to recent Roadfood review:

    The Milwaukee Public Market is a great place to have breakfast or a mid-day nosh. Stop at the Stone Creek Coffee Roasters stand ( then go down to C. Adam's Bakery stand. There are plenty of other treats -- just check out their website.

    Old Town at 522 W. Lincoln Ave is a nice Serbian place but I'm not sure if I liked it enough to pay the prices again. Maybe one more time. The burek and sausages were pretty darned good. It's very close to St. Francis, just west of I-43.

    Also, close by is Leon's, a very cool frozen custard place. Intersection of S 27th St and W Oklahoma Ave (parallel to and just south of Lincoln Ave). Once you're done there go find one of the Kopp's locations and do a comparison ( for locations).

    I'm sure you'll get a few more recs. Good Luck.

    1. Classic German for more than 100 years:

      Mader's German Restaurant
      1041 N Old World 3rd St
      (414) 271-3377

      1. Ooops, posted that message before I gave a link!

        1. The African Hut is a fantastic Nigerian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. All of the vegetable dishes are great (with or without chicken). Be adventureous and try some fufu or pounded yam with a stew. The Peanut Stew-Banfi is so good it will surprise you. They have the hottest chicken wings I've ever had. and the Mindinmindin is a very decadent dessert that you really need to try.
          1107 N. Old World 3rd St. (right near the Bradley Center)
          Milwaukee, WI

          I like Kegel's Inn in West Allis for German (although I usually go there for the fish fry, their other menu items are very good, hearty german fare). Karl Ratzsch's and Mader's get all the glory, but this place does more than hold its own.
          5901 W. National Ave.
          West Milwaukee, WI

          If you like coffee, you need to go to Alterra Cafe At The Lake. Not only is this some of the best coffee that you'll ever taste, the fair trade beans are roasted right in Milwaukee and you can enjoy your cup outside with a great view of Lake Michigan.
          1701 N Lincoln Mem Dr
          Milwaukee, WI 53202

          If your in the mood for cajun/ creole you can't go wrong with Crawdaddy's. Their enormous dinner menu won't disappoint. I love the skate wing.
          6414 W. Greenfield Ave.
          West Allis, WI 53214

          I had a really nice dinner at Tess's about a year ago. It's fairly pricy, but nicely hidden away on a side street in the East Side. I'd say it's worth a visit.
          2400 N. Bartlett Ave.
          Milwaukee, WI 53211

          As for fish fry, I have two favorites: Kagel's which I mentioned above and the 5 O'Clock Club on Pewaukee Lake. Be prepared to wait on a Friday night for at least 30 minutes and possibly up to an hour; but don't worry, they have a nice bar and seating areas to drink and wait for your table with a couple orders of fried mushrooms. Get the perch, you'd be hard pressed to find it better anywhere else.
          N28 W26658 Peterson Dr.
          Pewaukee, WI 53072

          My family tells me that Mimma's Cafe on Brady Street is really good Italian, but I have yet to go.

          If for some reason you find yourself in Waukesha, head over to John's Rootbeer. It's an old fashoned root beer stand, outdoor seating only. Best root beer you'll ever taste and some darn fine chili cheese dogs.
          1317 Arcadian Avenue
          Waukesha, WI

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          1. re: jrsmoltz

            I love Kegels for a fish fry - we have friends that come up from Chicago who insist on going there if it's Friday. Another option if you are in the West Allis area is Forty8 - looks a bit like a dive bar from the outside, but the food is FANTASTIC. There are only smoking seats, but they have such a good ventelation system I've never had a problem with smoke. Another hidden gem in the area is 4th base - amazing food - no menu - they have a fresh case - you take a look and tell the waitress what you want, how much you want and how you want it cooked. It was also great!

          2. Zaffiro's: Thin Crust Pizza
            Jakes: Corned beef
            Martino's Italian Beef: Vienna Beef Chicago style hot dogs
            Nite-Owl Drive-In: Cheeseburgers
            Three Bros: Serbian
            Beerbellys: Friday Fish Fry-Perch & Bluegill
            At Random: Ice cream drinks-alcoholic & non alcoholic
            Kopp's & Leons: Custard
            Benji's: Breakfast-Lox & Bagels, hoppel poppel, corned beef hash
            Take the Sprecher's Brewery Tour