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Aug 8, 2006 03:44 PM

Any good eats in Tupper Lake vicinity?

As part of my annual family visit and "Roots" trip, we'll be hitting a new nature museum in Tupper Lake. Any local good eats? Not looking for a gourmet destination, honest lumberjack food will do, anything but a chain.... If not in town, then close to the lake, super rustic, whatever.

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  1. Not a lot to choose from up there. The Swiss Kitchen is good, homeade pies, family friendly, rustic. The Wawbeek Restaurant is a little more upscale, but still family friendly. make reservations. The Pinegrove and Smokehouse tavern are local too, but I've never been. There really aren't many chains up that way, and most places tend to serve large, "home cookin" style meals. Not much fancy cuisine, but good stuff, especially after hiking all day.

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      Thanks. I saw some online ads for some of those places, too. I'll have to check out the smokehouse, perhaps they'll have venison. (Unfortunately, I'll be crossing the Canadian/US Border twice thereafter and won't be able to bring any back to San Francisco.) Any recs on a pie to pick up at the Swiss Kitchen? Should be into apple season then.

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        Isn't there a tavern with a funny name down from the transfer station (sorry it that sounds unappetizing) in Saranac Inn? My family went there and loved it. We usually travel down to Saranac ourselves.

      2. The Saranac Hotel catered by Paul Smiths College students about 40 miles away is as good as it gets in the region. Thursday nights there is a buffet which is delicious and at about $20.00 for all you can eat.

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          As long as you don't have waitress service, the one time I was there she dropped my glass of red wine on my white pants and didn't even apologize. But I understand that they are just in the learning stages.

        2. We drive through Tupper Lake on the way home several times each year.
          We "pass through" Tupper because there really are no special places to eat in town.
          All medicore food,mediocre sevice and nothing worthy of a post here.
          The Wawbeek(outside of town) is good,as a previous poster said,Hohmeyer's in Saranac Inn is good but the meal takes all night as they work slowly and each order is custom made.
          Plan to spend the evening there if you try this place and reservations are a "must".
          Corvo,across from the Hotel Saranac in Saranac Lake is decent, but I would avoid the Hotel Saranac.
          The hotel is run by Paul Smith's College and is a training disaster for their restaurant students but the food is lousy and the service is medicore at best.
          We prefer McDonald's to this place.
          If this is what these students are learning about food preparation and service then the restaurant business is in for some difficult times!!!
          The Blue Moon Cafe is decent in Saranac for breakfast and is a favorite of the locals.
          Casa Del Sol is an outstanding mexican restaurant in Saranac that has been in business serving great food for over 30 yrs.
          They have a loud,fun outdoors bar there in the summer.
          Donnelly's Ice Cream,just outside of Saranac Lake is worth a trip in itself.
          This is the richest,creamiest ice cream I've ever had.
          The lines are usually long to buy their great ice cream on weekends.