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Aug 8, 2006 03:37 PM

In Vancouver for about 12 hours...


I'll be passing through Vancouver this weekend for a very limited amount of time, most likely one lunch and a dinner. Any suggestions? I was thinking Chinatown might be fun for lunch and a friend suggested Vij's for dinner which looks amazing. Budget of around 20-25$ /meal...

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  1. Are you eating alone?

    If so I would suggest Rangoli for lunch (it is Vij's smaller deli style - right next door to Vij's) The options are great as well you seem to get more flavor for a cheaper price. Dinner at Vij's you want to get at least 2 dishes and that can equal a lot of food for just one person. (link for rangoli / vij's)

    1. Stay away from Chinatown. The food is subpar. For Chinese, try Kirin Mandarin on Alberni Street or the Golden Szechuan on Broadway. If you have a car, the best Chinese is in Richmond near the airport. Great choices are Jade on Alexandra Street and Shanghai Wind on No.3 Road.