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Bar Minnow

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I'm going to a party at Bar Minnow in Park Slope this weekend. I searched the boards but the only postings are over a year old. Has anyone been recently?

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  1. I live in Park Slope and went to Minnow a while ago - just after they opened the bar section of the restaurant. I had lived in the Slope for a while and had been meaning to try Minnow... boy, were we unimpressed. Just OK food, bad service. We haven't been back. Hope you have a better experience.

    1. the service at bar minnow is worse than comical. after a huge wait for our food during a quiet sunday night last summer, the waiter brought our food to a couple in the front. we knew it was our food and watched as the couple ate our food, watched as the waiter realized his mistake, and couldnt believe that he took the food away from them after they bit into it and served it to us.

      they comped our drinks and made us wait another 15 minutes for our food to arrive.

      1. I too was horrified last summer by the awful service and lousy food. We've since moved out of Park Slope, but finding myself in the area last week for a show @ the bandshell and craving some clams - I stopped in to give them another chance.

        I sat at the bar to avoid server issues, and was less ambitious in my ordering this time - a fried cod sandwich and a 1/2doz raw littlenecks. The clams were fresh, and the sandwich was actually suprisingly well executed, highlight being the pillow soft sesame bun.

        With cold Victory Pils and Brooklyn Brown on tap, I would probably go back more often if I still lived nearby.

        As a sidenote, I'd say 50% of the diners were eating burgers - has anyone tried one recently? It seems to be the choice pick.

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          The only reason I'd go to Bar Minnow is for the burger. It's excellent and they fries are really good too. The fish is painfully average the lobster roll is a waste of everyone's time.

        2. i've never been, but only heard bad things from friends . . . maybe they should change their name and forget the seafood

          1. My husband took our kids there about 6 months ago and almost walked out. The waitress was rude and obnoxious and the food mediocre.

            1. Lloyd: There has been enough bad postings about Bar Minnow, beginning a year ago until the present, that one shouldn't go there voluntarily. In a previous posting, I reported getting funky mussels there. I have to credit them, however, with not hassling me when I sent them back and comping my glass of wine. My feeling is that there is a sufficient number of fine restaurants in the immdiate vicinity that chowhounds should vote with their feet and their pocket books. What a shame, though: The Minnow was an outstanding place.

              1. My question: why do they keep on the clueless, and often obnoxious, help? I work in the neighborhood and hear nothing but complaints about the service there (and the food doesn't review too well either).

                I went there once early on and had a waiter who seemed completely lost as to what his job actually consisted of. Everything took forever, he paid no attention to us at all, served us food that had obviously sat in the kitchen for awhile before he bothered to get it, screwed up the order of a couple of nearby tables, and had an attitude like we were keeping him from something more important. I had an unremarkable but not terrible meal, and I thought "well, let's give them a little while to get it together, and to get rid of that waiter. He'll obviously be gone soon."

                Went back a few months later and saw a dining room of diners sitting at empty tables looking a bit desperate, and the same clueless waiter standing there staring at them. I left and never went back. Why keep on staff like this?