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Aug 8, 2006 03:28 PM

sushi in vienna

Our curent favorite is Kansai (recently opened) on Maple. It's where Asian Flavor used to be - just East of Magruder's. The chefs show some real originality and, even though in sushi restaurants I don'y normally go for the 'special rolls' that usually mix self cancelling ingredients at great expense, Kansai has a 'Crazy Love Roll' that is to die for! Everything has tasted fresh and the prices are very reasonable....

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  1. We just went to Sweet Ginger and found it to be quite decent. Like your comments on Kansai, it's also very original in the idea department. Everything was fresh-tasting and hit the spot.

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    1. re: biscuit

      I went to Sweet Ginger for the first time last week. Their special dragon roll was delicious...but the best thing on the menu was the avocado and tuna salad appetizer. It came sprinkled with sesame seeds and row and was drizzled with a honey miso dressing. The best part of the meal. Also good is Konami, on Rte 7, right across from where Sam and Harrys used to be.

      1. re: lala477

        I went to Konami a long time ago, and wasn't impressed. Fare was basic, and it was located right next to a gas station. Not exactly the best environment when dining in their outdoor patio area.

    2. If you go further north in to McLean, you will find Tachibana, which gets great reviews. My wife does not care for it much, but I really enjoy it.

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        I love Tachibana also. They have great lunch deals. Why doesn't your wife care for it. One good thing about Tachibana is that they are authentic Japanese owned and operated. Does anyone know whether that's the case with Kansai or Sweet Ginger?

      2. not far from vienna on rt. 29 in fairfax is Arigato (next to Home Expo Center) which i think is better than sweet ginger or tachibana. though just noticed Kansai the other day and am anxious to try it. thanks for the report.

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        1. re: Meg

          Tried Arigato awhile ago and was thoroughly umimpressed. The fish wasn't fresh and lacked creativity. I wouldn't go back.

          1. re: biscuit

            wow, so surprised and sorry to hear that. biscuit your experience is so contrary to my many lunches and dinners there, particularly the freshness comment. though i haven't been in a few months and am wondering if they've had a change in management or chefs. i will have to investigate.

            1. re: Meg

              perhaps it was an off night. i would give them the benefit of the doubt, having heard your experiences, but a bad first visit usually closes the deal for me.