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Aug 8, 2006 03:20 PM

good pho in Arlington? how about cari chay (tofu curry)? Vietnamese summer rolls?

I always used to satisfy my jones for pho at Cafe Dalat by the Clarendon Metro. They had a particularly delicious broth for their pho, aromatic and sustaining and never greasy. Now that they've closed, where do you recommend I find my pho? Preferably not at a pho-only place, since I like to get other Vietnamese food at the same time, and pho isn't my husband's favorite - we need a place where we can get a full meal.

Also, I miss Cafe Dalat's summer rolls (bursting with shrimp and flavor) and their cari chay (tofu in yellow curry with glass noodles, straw mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes, and other veggies). Any recommendations for these? (Even better if it's at the same place with the good pho, but you can't have everything.)


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  1. Nam Viet does good pho, even though I have a hard time ordering that over so many other things on the menu. I think they have summer rolls, too, but again, I usually pass on those and get some other things that are exceptional there or hard to find elsewhere (like in soups, the spicy and sweet salmon soup - heavens to mergatroid!).

    1. Try teh pho at the pho place in the strip mall with Ray's the Steakd and Guajillo. The summer (garden) rolls at Nam-Viet are good...and the pho is decent but not great.

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      1. The pho at Little Viet Gaden might be what you are looking for. Similar to the pho I've had in Paris. Of course, the bowls of Pho are not as generous as a uniquely Pho parlor nor do they serve on the side all the herbs, sprouts, etc.