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Mail order olive oil? What's the best?

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I am looking for the best source for olive oil on-line. Does anyone have a great source? Looking to order as a gift.



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  1. Chefshop.com has an outstanding selection of olive oils (and many other wonderful foods). I've just finished a bottle of their Storm Olive Farm oil (Napa Valley) that I liked very much.

    1. David Rosengarten who publishes the Rosengarten Report also has an olive oil club. Info at his website, I believe.

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        I've been a member for almost a year and we've thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting to try olive oils from all over the world, particulary the novellos. We're currently enjoying southern hemisphere new oils: Chilean oils, pressed in June. The price might seem high, but for us it works out to about a dollar a day.

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          The Rosengarten website was still up, the last time I checked, and it appeared that they might still be taking orders for olive oil, pork, etc. but the Rosengarten Report was discontinued about two years ago. I was sorry to see it go. There was nothing quite like it.

        2. I love McEvoy Ranch. Lucky enough to buy it locally in San Francisco.


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            I think this is an excellent oil, and it's so exciting to see America producing a product of this quality. That said, however, it's worth venturing abroad to sample some oils that have a more "in your face" quality than we are used to. I believe that this is a taste worth acquiring. I remember my first taste of local olive oil in Tuscany: I thought it tasted like rancid turpentine! I've come a long way since then, although certain family members (who will remain nameless) think that olive oil should lurk in the background and never announce itself too forcefully. There are so many great oils out there, from so many different producers. Try as many as you can, and find the ones that taste best for you.

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              We stayed in Italy at a winery/hotel called "Tenuta di Sticiano" near Marciala. In addition to grapes, they also grew olive oil and had several types. I asked the proprietor what was the difference between type A and type B. She explained that type A was a mild olive oil the way non-Italians like it and type B was a much stronger, more assertive olive oil with a slightly bitter aftertaste, the way Italians like it.

              I had no idea such subtleties existed, but I should have. After all, as people become more experienced in drinking red wine, the move toward drier and more full-flavored reds, I think. The same is true among cigar smokers, I am told. (I don't smoke.) The longer you smoke, the more full-bodied you want your cigar to be. Then there are cheese buffs. The longer they eat cheese, the more they seem to quest for sharper cheeses.

          2. I use zingermans
            Knowledgeable people, diverse oils, but not cheap!

            1. Ravida EV Olive Oil is our favorite. We get it from William-Sonoma. Sooooooo good. It is 35. per bottle but well worth it. Zingerman's has it too.

              1. The Queen Creek Olive Mill is quite good here in Arizona. I know it's domestic, but Chris Bianco uses it :-)
                Very nice, unique and not too pricey.


                Good luck,


                Edit: I just noticed the date of the OP - sorry!

                1. Zaytoun is a wonderful olive oil. And available from a variety of online sources (although I buy it and other products from this Palestinian co-operative at a local shop.


                  1. Ahmos - Can you clarify?

                    1. I really like a couple of the Califiornia olive oil producers: DaVero's, if it's not too expensive for you, www.davero.com or Stonehouse, which has some great infused oils http://www.stonehouseoliveoil.com/ are both excellent choices.

                      1. I've always been fond of Bariani olive oil from Sacramento, particularly the early green olive harvest. Not for the faint of heart, though. I wouldn't describe their olive oil as either subtle or buttery. It's a bold, robust oil full of olive flavor.


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                          If anyone knows of a source of Bariani which will ship to Canada please let me know! I've been looking the past week (and now even more so after buying another unfiltered olive oil at the local Italian market, deeelicious.. but way overpriced ($25/500ml)). So far haven't found a source, the Canadian 'distributor' is a home grocery delivery company almost 1000 miles away which only does local home delivery :(

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                            You might try ordering direct from barianioloveoil.com; I did a few years ago and got my liter in NY with no trouble. Excellent oil, good people.

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                              Fortunately I live in the Sacramento area and venture out to the downtown farmers market every weekend where Angelo Bariani sells his wonderful olive oil and charms the market customers with his italian wit and humor. Superb olive oil!

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                              That's pretty much what you should expect to pay for stellar EVOO.