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Another Shout Out for Louie's Ice Cream

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Thanks to the board, we sauntered over to Louie's last night for some tasty ice cream. I couldn't find an address anywhere, just the cryptic "on Broadway by the entrance to the McGrath Highway near the cheap gas places," but worried I didn't need to be - Louie's has a big neon sign, easy to read and find. Walked up to the counter, intoxicated by the options - slush in 9 flavors, including coffee and mango, hard ice cream in a few dozen, soft serve, frozen yogurt, etc. I went with a kid-sized scoop of grapenut custard ($2 and softball-sized), dc went with a mocha chip frappe ($4 and probably 24 oz). We agreed the frappe was a little thinner than we like (possible remedy to ask for it "extra thick" next time), but the grapenut custard was delightful - the perfect melty/softness and deliciously custardy and not too sweet. I'm new to grapenut ice cream, but I'm a fan. They had frozen pudding on their menu, too, which sounded intriguing, and might be my next ice cream pick. Louie's is definitely my new favorite neighborhood ice cream place - tasty, good portions, excellent prices, nice atmosphere. There are picnic tables outside, and there were lots of neighborhood kids eating ice creams the size of their heads.

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  1. Finally, someone makes the trip to Louie's. This is a true hidden jewel. Thinking about that grapenut makes me want to stop by. Check out the Italian bakery across the street sometime. (And taste the frozen pudding before you try it, I remember not being a fan but that was a long time ago.)

    1. Thanks again for the Louie's tip, Joanie. I'll check out the Italian bakery if I'm ever in the neighborhood during "regular" hours! Thanks for the head's up on the frozen pudding - i'll taste it before i order. Do you have any other Louie's flavor recommendations? the coffee slush seemed oddly appealing to me.

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        It's hard for me not to order grapenut when I go. I get the coffee oreo sometimes. The chip type ice creams are good. Not a real slush gal so don't know about those different flavors.

        Hiddenboston, wishful thinking on the request for gelato. You'll see what I mean when you get there, not a gelato kind of place. Grapenut baby, that's the way to go.

      2. I may get there tomorrow or Friday to try it out. Do they have gelato, too?

        1. louie's is great, i was worried that it was going to close down there for a while. good to hear it's still kicking, i'll have to go down there before the summer's out.

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              not really. there's bus routes out that way, i think. but it's not very near any t stops.

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                Its a 20 minute walk from Sullivan Sq and I believe routes 89 and 101 pass right in front. Its also quite close to the Stop & Shop in Somerville, so you could take any bus that goes down Mystic Ave get off at S&S and cut across their parking lot.

            2. where is this place? in somerville? near the taco bell/kfc close to sullivan? is it that place?

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                It's in Somerville, right on Broadway about 1 block east of McGrath:


                It's pretty good, and we need to get over there sometime...

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                  cool- thanks. my eye doc is over there, and i've often thought about popping in for some soft serve...

              2. So we went to Louie's last night after an hour of tennis (to burn off the calories that would be coming right back via ice cream). I got the grapenut ice cream and my S.O. got vanilla soft serve. The soft serve she got was really good--creamy, not waxy or gummy at all, and not as airy as some of the others out there. The grapenut ice cream was outstanding. It almost didn't taste like ice cream, as it was chewy and had that grapenut texture to it.

                The place is a classic--picnic tables and benches along the sidewalk in front, a dingy, no-frills interior that seemed to scream out, "It's all about the ice cream here and nothing else," and people of all ages hanging out along Broadway with cones, chatting in French (Haitian), Spanish, and English.

                Definitely worth making a trip if you like ice cream!

                1. Hope reviving an old thread is okay. Just had a small dish of the grapenut custard at Louie's, which was killer. Super-creamy and rich, lots of grapenut nuggets, great consistency (similar to Christina's). $2.50 for a good-sized small, perfect after a Santarpio's BBQ combo.

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                    Glad to hear they are open! They were closed when we tried to go last week (around 8:00 in the evening).