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Aug 8, 2006 02:55 PM

Any Good Chinese in West Rox/Roslindale?

Any advice on where I can get decent Chinese (and I mean Chinese-American take-out here) in these neighborhoods. Have tried Tai Ho, Spring Blossom and another place on Centre. None has been very impressive.

Any thoughts on other places in the area -- Wing's Kitchen, Imperial Kitchen, Dragon Chef, Golden House, etc....

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  1. I have been to Mandarin Gourmet twice at Putterham Circle in South Brookline and I thought it was excellent.

    1. you could also try food wall on centre street--it's in jamaica plain, not roslindale/west roxbury, but it does deliver to the area. and it's delicious!

      1. If Mandarin Gourmet is too far, try Tai Ho on Centre St. in West Rox for delivery or pickup. (617) 327-8060

        1. Mmmmm. Golden House Szechwan Chicken is delish...

          Good takeout place---fast n' friendly

          1. I would stay away from Imperial Kitchen, I didn't like most of the stuff they do. The fried apps were ok, but the rest of it was swill. I have been ordering from Triple Eatery. They are on cummins highway, maybe 3 blocks down from washington street right in Roslindale Sq.