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Aug 8, 2006 02:52 PM

Toronto restaurant help

I have to arrange a dinner for between 6-8 people for tomorrow night in Toronto. 4 of the people are from Hong Kong so I would like something special and really nice. Budget is not really an issue. I personally have been to most of the top restaurants and can not decide so am looking for input on the most memorable experience. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Is language a barrier at all? If not, then I would suggest Perigee for the most memorable experience. The interaction with the chef and the quality of the food make for a great evening.

    1. One of the two most memorable dinners I had in Toronto were at George and at Bymark...

      1. My 3 in no order:

        1) Canoe for the view (food is great but not exceptional)
        2) Perigee for the interaction (can get a bit distracting though) & the historic area
        3) Thuet on the Patio (but call ahead and order the tasting menu) cant beat fine dining under the stars...

        1. I'm a big fan of Scaramouche- great view of the city, superb food and service- a winning combination. Exec. Chef Keith Froggatt always delivers the goods.

          1. HongKongese love fresh food. I know, 'coz I am one. :P Sushi/Sashimi is a great choice, you might like to try omakase at one of the nicer japanese restaurants (Omi, Kaji or Japango). There are threads on those if you use the search engine there. The posts will tell you locations and pricings.