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Aug 8, 2006 02:39 PM

Recipe sought: Sauerkraut and Bacon Salad

I remember eating at a pot luck some years ago, and the most memorable salad was one whose major ingredient was sauerkraut. Now that I have a half case of canned kraut leftover from a mid-summer brat sale fund raiser, I'd love to re-create that salad. Most of my recipe searches have failed to find the one I remember. This one had cooked bacon pieces in it. Any like it your files?

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  1. Can you describe it a little more ... hot / cold? Anything beside bacon and sourkraut?

    Why is it not like this?

    or this

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      Yeah, I found both of those recipes through search engines too. I made the Kraft foods website version last week. Doubled the amounts as was taking a dish to pass to a staff picnic. Cut the sugar in half and drained off lots of vinagrette that was made from oil and kraut juice. It was okay, but not the recipe I recollect. Ended up with quite a bit left, which gives you a rating from the group--just so so.
      The one I'll like to find had a creamy style dressing, lots of vegetables--celery, onions, grn. pepper, kraut, bacon. I seem to recall something else red in color, but am not sure what--tomatoes?
      The second salad you had a like too looks kind of good, but its not the salad I'm trying to find. Its too similiar to my mother's German potato salad (basically leave out the Kraut). Thands for trying to help out.

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        in any of the recipes that you find/attempt, try changing the sugar addition from plain to brown sugar.

    2. Not Exactly a salad but

      Small head green cabbage (shredded)
      About 10 Slices bacon sliced into 1" Pcs
      1/4 cup white vinegar
      tablespoon sugar

      In a large pot fry the bacon until crisp, remove and drain.

      To the hot bacon grease add the shredded cabbage until it is wilted and begins to brown stirring often.

      Add the vinegar,sugar and bacon pieces, rduce heat to low and allow to simmer about 10 minutes. Taste and adjust with more vinegar or more sugar. Serve warm.

      1. I've got the recipe! I'm not a big sauerkraut fan, but I love this dish!

        2# drained sauerkraut
        1 can drained diced tomatoes
        1/2 cup chopped green pepper
        6 slices fried and chopped bacon
        1 cup chopped celery
        1 & 2/3 cup brown sugar
        1/4 cup bacon grease

        Combine all ingredients. Place in casserole dish. Bake 325-350 degrees for 1 hour and 15 min. Serve warm.

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          I hope this is the recipe I tasted this past Saturday, 12/23/06, It was so delicious and I actually spoke with the lady who made the dish but didn't get the exact recipe, and don't know if I could describe her well enough to get the recipe. Thus, my internet search. This sounds the closest. I will try it.
          Thank you-CA