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Aug 8, 2006 02:30 PM

Muss and Turner's - Atlanta

Thanks again RCBurli for the rec and to other ATlanta hounds for the traffic info.

Muss and Turner is in a Condo complex 1/2 mile off 285. You order at the counter, they have table service at dinner. I had the "are you kidding me?"...fried chicken, country ham, slaw...was supposed to be on a biscuit , but they were out. It was good. My friend and I split that + a pulled pork monstrosity that also included bacon. It was fantastic. Friend's husband pronounced his BBQ chicken sandwich good but not special, he gave his choc chip cookie a 9 of 10, however.

I took an "insult to philly" home to my husband. I tasted it, it was also great. Wagyu beef turned into a philly cheese steak. ummm.

I also had a glass of NZ sauvignon blanc and a 1/2 glass of Malbec, both were very good examples of the grape, at least by my not-so-educated wine palate. Good glasses.

I also ate a filled peanut butter cookie-sandwich. I was very good, I think I gained 3 pounds yesterday.

M&T also had some nice-looking charcuterie and cheese for purchase.

We were very happy. I recommend a trip to M&T.

Side notes: at Six Flags- Batman, Georgia Schorcher, Mindbender, and Superman are spectacularly fun and exciting. Dont leave your cell phone in your pocket. Goliath is almost too intense to be considered fun. Avoid the Ninja at all costs. Good thing my husband is a chiropractor. I thought it was broken it was so painful. Traffic: hit 85/285 at problems. On the way back, same intersection was slow moving back to Peachtree Industrial at 4:00, but not bad at all. Thanks again!

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  1. Thanks for the report, danna! Glad you had good food, a good time, and minimal traffic woes.

    1. My daughter moved to Smyrna last month, and had dinner at Muss & Turner's with a friend last Friday evening. She stopped by our house last night and mentioned how excellent the food was. This is from a very picky eater. She complained about the desserts. She wasn't planning on having any until she saw some. She took half of her Tuscan Chicken sandwich home so she could have room for the carrot cake - which she said was very rich and very good. We already knew how good Muss & Turner's is, but doesn't always trust my judgement. Maybe she will now.