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Aug 8, 2006 02:28 PM

Fried Clams

Whenever I have been down to the Maritimes for summer vacation, one of the great joys of the trip, besides cheap (comparatively) lobster and mussels, has been really nice juicy whole fried clams. I am not talking about pre-packaged frozen 'strips' (like you can get at some fish and chip stores). I am talking about whole, juicy, belly clams -- large, flavourful clams. Like at Gould's in Shediac or the Briar Island B&B on the Digby spit (actually better than Gould's!).

There have to be a few expat Maritimers in T.O. on these boards that have tried to find these. Have you had any luck? Or am I destined to continue making these myself whenever the urge takes. I know they will undoubtedly cost a lot more here.

I actually got my hopes up when fried clams appeared on the menu at Reliable Fish and Chips -- which makes the best Halibut F&C in the city -- but they turned out to be the frozen 'strips'. I am going out to NYC this week and have already scouted a few places to try, so I should be satisfied for a while (or maybe I'll come back with an even bigger urge).

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  1. I've found nary a worthy fried clam in this city. But then I don't really think I'll find anything comparable to the ones served at the Big D drive-in restaurant in my hometown of Bathurst, NB.

    1. I've been looking for fried clams all over the city too. You'd be lucky just to find the frozen ones. Sadly, Red Lobster makes the best fried clams here. Try making your own at home for ones resembling the freshness of the east coast.

      P.S. occassionally the upscale oyster bars in the city serve fried clams on their menu.

      1. There is a place in the St. Lawrence Market called Buster's Sea Cove in the South market in the back SW Corner. I'm pretty sure they have fried clams but I can't vouch for the quality.

        And yes I know your pain, I love Maritime fried clams. Maybe time for a road trip.

        1. Thanks guys,

          At least I know I am not missing somewhere good unecessarily. I will try Buster's Sea Cove and I already make my own. I have never tried Red Lobster's clams and if I ever go there again, I will give them a try. And, Jax, next time I go down east, you have given me yet another reason to swing up the coast from Shediac and go around the Gaspé rather than cut over to Fredricton and take the TransCan.

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            While you're at it, Atahualpa, stop in Miramichi for bar clams. They come in a jar with brine and are heaven. Also good are the cohogs and welks, and if you cross to the Quebec side of the Gaspe to the Cote Nord, Sept-Iles has some of the best shrimp, sea urchin and razor clams you will ever eat.

            Hm, maybe it's time for me to take a trip that way too...

          2. Been to buster's sea cove. They serve up a small portion of those frozen clam strips. Cheers!

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            1. re: qtxniki

              Darn! I was hoping Buster's would be fresh. It's only been 9 days since I came home from PEI and New Brunswick and my lobster roll and fried clam withdrawal is getting stronger...

              1. re: fickle

                yeah, you'd think being in st.lawrence market close to all that fish would make a difference, but it doesnt =).

                I've also seen some Japanese places in the city cover clams in panko crumbs and deepfry em. It's not really the same as a plate of fresh fried east coast clams.

                Has anyone tried the "Duke of Argyle" On John st? They sell fried clams and claim to be an "East coast" pub. I've never been though.