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Aug 8, 2006 02:23 PM

Venice chow

Hi Guys,

My husband and I are seeing King Lear at the Electric Cafe on Friday and we need some good dinner suggestions. We eat everything but sushi, and something within walking distance of the theater is best.



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  1. Hals Bar and Grill for upscale bar food, can be noisy on the bar side. Great french fries.

    Axe for contemporary fusion style, not fancy, a little more yoga minded. Food can be very good

    Lily's Cafe for a Franco-Californian with very nice patioo in the back that is situated next to a nusery.

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      1. Hi. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Lilly's. Had a bad exp there and I though pricey for what it was. If Joe's or Axe is too much, check out Primitivo's. Nice wine selections and good N. Italian. All is within an easy walk.

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          If I'm not mistaken, Primitivo is more of a tapas bar (i.e., Spanish) than Italian. The food is not top level, tho' decent enough, but the atmosphere is pleasantly bohemian shabby chic and it's a very enjoyable place to go.

        2. Thanks! Will report back and let you guys know what we did.