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Aug 8, 2006 02:21 PM

Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant) recs?

Going tonight for the first time . . . what do people like?

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  1. I was there last week. The appetizers were really good, mains were disappointing, deserts good. I had duck empanadas to start. The Huitlacoche Tamale was pretty spicy. The serviche was also good. I ate the tuna for a main -- pretty tasteless. The ice cream/ices and carmelized banana empanadas for desert were good. I had a mojito which was delicious. Avoid the red sangria. It tasted like grape juice with grain alcohol and sugar added. The place was really noisy, with groups of people all shouting louder and louder to be heard. After trying to get in a couple times (they don't take reservations after 7pm, I think), I was underwhelmed by the actual experience.

    1. I had dinner there a few weeks ago. The guacamole was great and I had the chicken & monterey jack quesadilla as an entree. It was a bit on the spicy side and delicious. My friend had the grilled salmon and she enjoyed her dish too. We didn't have dessert.

      1. I'm with jcooper-- the entrées can be underwhelming. We like the mushroom wraps though.



        1. I'm guessing like most places, it depends on what you order. We had the Rack of Lamb w/ Blueberry Mole and the Poached Artichoke Quesadilla with Idiazabel Cheese and both were really really delicious. One of my favorite meals I've had in the city in the past year.

          1. If you like mole chicken, they have a pretty good one here. They used to have an excellent steak on their menu, but I have not had the replacement one. The lamb dish is excellent.

            I am not a fan of their guacamole, and I do like this restaurant. The free bean dip and corn bread that comes out as a starter is much better in my opinion.

            Love the Huitlachoche Tamale, and a friend of mine who had the tuna recently was raving about it.

            For dessert, I'd recommend walking uptown a couple of blocks to Mama's Empanadas -- cheaper, more variety, and better.