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Aug 8, 2006 02:18 PM

Good Place For Ribs In Portland, MAINE?

I'd like to get recommendations for really great Rib or BBQ restaruants in and around Portland, Maine. I'm travelling there this weekend for a family get together and thought I would treat some friends/family to BBQ. Indoors or outdoors, doesn't matter as long as it's to die for delish.


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  1. I think Norm's in the Old Port has pretty good ribs.

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    1. Norm's is ok at best. For truly the best ribs (dry rubbed and smoked) go to Buck's Naked BBQ in Freeport on Route 1

      1. I put my money on BUCK'S NAKED ALSO.....
        He has excellent food and is located on Rt 1 across from the large wood Indian.

        1. Try "Beale Street" in South Portland, just over the new bridge.

          1. We tried Buck's Naked once. The ribs were charred on the outside, but rare, or would it be raw, on the inside. We took them home and nuked them. We'll not go back anytime soon. Beale St. is probably the best in the area.