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Sep 19, 2004 03:57 PM

Fresh peach pie at Hick'ry Pit in Walnut Creek

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Thanks to ilovebbqribs poster from a few days ago for mentioning the pies at HP. We happened to stop in there last night at 10:35, and they close at 10:45, so we quickly ordered and devoured two burgers(pretty good, actually, on excellent buns). We bought a whole fresh peach pie, took it home and even though I was really full from the burger, once I sliced into that pie, I knew I had to have a piece. Basically, this is a flaky pie shell, filled with peach slices that have been lightly sprinkled with sugar to extract the juice, and topped with fresh whipped cream. The peaches were not as sweet as they could have been, but it is the end of the season. The sweetened whipped cream was the counterbalance to the peaches, yum. $9 for a whole pie.

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    ChowFun (derek)

    Are these pies made with fresh peaches...cooked?
    Or are the peaches still uncooked with a glaze?
    Marie Callendars makes these in the summer, and that is the only pie I like there...but I will be happy to expand my pie horizons eastward to Walnut Creek if I must...(is there a Hickory Pit in to and overlooking a pond???)

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    1. re: ChowFun (derek)

      The peaches are uncooked, with a glaze. This is the seasonal fresh peach pie, as opposed to the regular peach pie that is available year 'round. I am looking at the take out menu now, and the pies are 10 inch pies, $9.99, sorry for the earlier misquote. The only two locations listed are in WC and in Campbell, no Oakland site.

      Hick'ry Pit, 1495 S. Main Street, WC (next to Kaiser Hospital). Speaking of Marie Callendar, there is one in WC too, on Mt. Diablo Blvd. but I haven't gone there in years.

      1. re: anli
        ChowFun (derek)

        Thanks for your report...I'll definitely check the pie out!

      2. re: ChowFun (derek)

        The Oakland location you are thinking about was Emil Villa's Hickory Pit, on Pleasant Valley Road, and overlooking a reservior as well as a Safeway Center parking lot, but it is now closed....Don't know if it was related or not...

        1. re: susancinsf
          ChowFun (derek)

          Thanks! Nice to know I wasn't hallucinating!
          They had really good "garlicky" cole slaw!
          That's the shopping center with "Top Dog" in landmarks are food!

      3. How is their BBQ? Do they have any?

        1. I am well aware of the Hick'ry Pit in Walnut Creek.

          Someone asked about the BBQ, I can easily say that it is excellent; the ribs are the best around. The only downside to the place is that their sides are pretty bland, they even screw up a baked potato. But the ribs are Awesome! They have good steaks too, a decent steak sandwich.

          Oh yeah, then there are the pies, which are awesome.
          Looking at the large amount of Senior Citizen customers, this generation knows their fruit pies.

          The place isn't cheap though. Expect to spend $25 per person if you want a full rib dinner with all the sides and a slice of pie.

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          1. re: Mil Mascaras

            beef ribs too, and how far is walnut creek from say sf, civic center area? thanks.

            1. re: kevin

              On BART ( it says Civic Center to Walnut Creek takes 38 minutes. With no traffic the drive probably takes 25 minutes (but with traffic it could take an hour or more because of the Bay Bridge and the Caldecott Tunnel - frequently backed up).

              1. re: Alexandra

                there's a walnut creek stop off the bart, and also is there a lafayette stop off the bart too, i may just have to do a bbq crawl along the bart staring from berkely maybe everett and jones, then flint,s , then dougs, then Hikcy pit, and then "Bo's in Lafayette.

                1. re: kevin

                  Flint's is apparently closed, and Doug's is not near a BART station (and not a great nabe to walk in) -- although come to think of it it might be reasonably close to the Emery-Go-Round (shuttle from MacArthur BART) route. Might want to do Chef Edwards instead, which is an easy walk from 19th St. BART, plus you can eat in there, which I don't believe you can at Doug's. E&J in Berkeley is not near a BART station either. E&J in Jack London Square is a longish but not unreasonable walk from 12th St., and the E&J on Telegraph is a reasonable walk from MacArthur. Both are eat-in.

                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    is chef edward's in an ok neighborhood of oakland?

                    1. re: kevin

                      I think so (although as an Oakland native I'm pretty street savvy and have a fairly high tolerance for urban blight). It's not exactly a garden spot, but it's not nearly as bad as the area around Flint's on San Pablo, which has a really scary park less than a block away.

                    2. re: Ruth Lafler

                      There has never been eat-in dining at Doug's, but when I drove by a few weeks ago, they were doing renovations. Looked like a facelift rather than a change in footprint, but might be worth calling to find out.

              2. re: Mil Mascaras

                Mil, I don't mean to doubt you, but for all of my 30+ years, Hick'ry Pit has been more of a coffee shop than anything else -- an institution in the less flattering sense of the word. Are they under new ownership? When you say the ribs are excellent, would you be willing to elaborate on what style they do? Are these really long-barbecued ribs? Because they used to offer the kind that are boiled and then slathered with a generic sauce, and when the menu said sandwich, you would actually get a *sandwich* instead of the customary smaller order.

                The change would do the area good, so I remain optimistic even if I sound skeptical.

              3. Sorry to keep asking all these BBQ questions, but do they carry BBQ beef sandwiches (which I prefer to ribs)? Any idea on price for one of these beauties? $7?


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                1. re: katya

                  They serve "wood-smoked" meat: pork ribs, chicken, ham, sirloin and turkey. A sliced meat sandwich will be $9, with fries, salad, soup or coleslaw. They also have French Dip sandwiches on a Grilled Dutch Crunch Roll for $9.19. Portions are generous.