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Favorite Sandwich Joints in Tampa Bay?

After having a great sandwich recently at Interbay Meat Market off MacDill, I'm interested in uncovering other delis, sandwich shops and hole-in the-walls that make great sandwiches.

Two other picks I'll throw out there:

Spiro's: Little Greek grocery and deli in South Pasadena on Gulfport Blvd (St. Pete Beach). Grab a sandwich and then sit at one of the little tables out front. Great Greek salad as well.

Wright's Gourmet: S. Dale Mabry. I know they're well known for their cakes, but I've only tried their sandwiches and have always been happy. Lots of unique stuff, prices are fair, quick service.

What are your favorites?



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  1. pane rustica on macdill and the floridian (great cubans) on central just over the treasure island bridge on treasure island...

    1. I had a great Banh Mi sandwich at Thuy Cafe: 5944 34th St. N. Suite #37, St. Petersburg, FL 33714. Very fresh and the price seemed reasonable, $4.50 for it and a bottle of water. She closes at 6pm most days.
      I'm also loving the Caprese sandwich at Earl of Sandwich in International Plaza. And speaking of Caprese sandwiches, Mazzaro's does a great one too. But Earl of Sandwich is more convenient for hours and location.

      1. Mott and Hester deli in Palms Plaza just south of the intersection of Dale Mabry and Henderson has really great sandwiches. Their bread is always fresh and crisp. Their Wild Turkey with Pepperjack and marinated mushrooms is excellent, their grouper sandwich is one of the best around, and their po-boys are good too. Another place that is unbeatable it Castellano and Pizzo for the cubans. they also have assorted sandwiches with fresh basil leaves, homemade mozarella, and all sorts of other goodies.

        1. i forgot about robert's meats on westshore...great cubans, grouper and steak sandwiches

          1. Try La Spada's at 1737 Main St. in Dunedin. They make authentic philly cheesesteaks, and pizza steaks (sandwiches) as well. Their food is greasy (in a good way). They also serve sandwiches at Bright House stadium in the Phillies complex.

            1. Williams Sub Shop
              3801 Tyrone Blvd N
              St Petersburg FL 33709-4121

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                  I looked all around Tyrone Blvd./Bay Pines between 38th and Park St. I didn't see a Williams Sub Shop. Did the map program give me bad directions?

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                    They are hard to see, rikkikm. I would tell you that they are in a little strip store on the northwest corner of the intersection of Tyrone and 38th. On the south side of that intersection there is Sports Authority (SE) and Quizno's (SW). Hope that helps!
                    P.S. They close early, so go at lunchtime.

                2. Castellano and Pizzo is great, my favorite there is the portabella and mozarella. In Pinellas you have the City Deli in St. Pete, Lonnis in Feather Sounds and I'm sorry I don't know the name but I think it's Shelly's Deli across the street from the Safety Harbor Spa (a shack of a deli) for the best Cuban

                  1. Moxies..now two locations on Kennedy Blvd and downtown Tampa..THE BEST sandwhichs ive had in the area!!

                    1. I vote for Variety Store, which is just across Roosevelt from the St. Pete/Clw. Airport for the best cheap fast hot cubans around. Plus other tasty ethnic treats. Funny name, totally innocuous, and SRO for the lunch crowd.

                      1. I tried Earl of Sandwich (International Plaza Mall) tonight. I tried the roast beef sandwich, which I thought was quite good, though to my palate the "creamy horseradish" sauce was woefully lacking in horseradish.

                        1. How about The Country Market & Deli on 13th Ave in St. Petersburg? Sandwiches, subs and Cuban. Big and fresh.
                          2498 13TH AVE N 327-0296

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                            Wineman, what's the scoop on Country Market? I love it too, I have never had a sandwich so big and made with so much love! I know that the husband passed away. I have heard they are developing the area into condo's and CM must move...true? Where to?

                            1. re: joan

                              Yes. I just heard he passed away. I've heard nothing as to their plans except the family will continue on.
                              I did read that the area to the East on 13th was being developed but I didn't realize it included their building.

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                              A little off point, but the same family owns Papa J's Mega Salads, the tiny speck of a carryout place in the parking lot of Haslam's in St. Petersburg. Also big, also fresh, and the Cuban pork they put on the salads is excellent. Papa J. was a wonderful, warm, funny, engaging character and I couldn't believe it when I heard he died. But his wife and son are cut from the same cloth. You can't leave without her calling you honey, dear, sweetheart, baby, and god bless you. Terrific people, terrific place. Never been to Country Market, but hear it's great.

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                                Well put, Bergerman. We always referred to it/them as "the Joe Show". How they would argue! You really must go to the other spot, it's the original. Years ago they had it wall-to-wall kitsch, totally overcrowded with real stuff that used to be in all our mom's houses. I think they cleaned it up a bit :( but you're right, terrific people, terrific place.

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                                I stopped by Country M&D today while I was helping a friend take some brush to the dump site. I got a large hot roast pork sub all the way. It was fantastic!!! The price was $7.50 including tax and could easily feed two or one really, really hungry person.

                                Thanks for reminding me of the place Wineman.


                              3. I would like to suggest Fat Boy's up at 1136 94th Ave. N in St. Pete. They make an excellent Chicago Beef sandwich. But it does not stop there. He also makes a good Chicago hot dog along with many other excellent items.


                                1. I recommend Zudar's. When you are driving on Bayshore Drive, very close to where it ends by the beginning of the downtown area, there is a small Publix. Zudar's is in a non-descript one story building directly in back of the Publix parking lot. To put it another way, it is a couple of doors down from the Irish bar, "Four Green Fields." It is a favorite of downtown and Hyde Park office workers.

                                  I particularly recommend: the Cuban salad, the chicken enchilada soup (rotated--so it's not always available), the Zorba (a vegetarian sandwich made from a lot of Feta cheese and other ingredients of a Greek salad, on toasted (as in "fried", like a toasted cheese sandwich) bread), the North End (a roast beef extravaganza), and a killer pastrami sandwich (but ask for raw onion circles or they'll give them to you grilled). They are, perhaps, most well known for their pies and cakes, sold whole or by the slice. Try the coconut cream pie, made with fresh, grated coconut, or any of the chocolate cakes.

                                  1. Hogan's at 14306-D North Dale Mabry (next to the Chuck E Cheese there) has huge sandwiches in my opinion. Both subs and traditional sandwiches. Cold, pressed, toasted, however you want. And very reasonable; I haven't been able to ever eat more than a 6" sub there.

                                    1. One of the best sandwiches I've ever had is the Crabby Kathy at Lonni's Sandwiches (various locations throughout the bay area). It is a crab cake sandwich made on inch-thick wild rice bread (to die for) with cheddar cheese and tomato. The crab cake is really great - well seasoned and not too much "filler." Off point - the place itself is always very clean. Always a good sign!

                                      1. Not really a "sandwich joint" but I love a Palomilla Steak Sandwich from Olga's Deli in Clearwater.

                                        Best you can find . . .

                                        (their other menu items are great too).

                                        1. Lucky Dill in downtown on Ashley Dr. is awesome. Great salad bar too!

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                                            The Lucky Dill new Tarpon Springs has to have the best sandwichs in the area! Very tasty and huge!

                                          2. Who makes the really good, big but healthy sandwiches--you know, the ones on good whole grain bread, lotsa fresh veggies, marinated tofu etc etc? Or even delicious chicken/tuna/egg salads? I had a great one a few years back in some hippie-ish health food place in Clearwater. Anything in St. Pete like this?

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                                              Good luck. I found PITA's to be a pretty good option for healthy wraps and sammiches. One in downtown Tampa, but I do not know about St. Pete.

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                                                It sounds like Rollin' Oats might be what you are looking for:

                                                Rollin' Oats Cafe
                                                2842 9th St N
                                                St Petersburg, FL 33704
                                                (727) 895-4910

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                                                  Since this post, I have found some other really good places for healthy food and sandwiches. Rollin Oats in St. Pete is now one of my favorites. IN Clearwater (Cleveland St.) the Bunny Hop Cafe is fabulous

                                                2. Mazzaros Italian Grocery in St. Pete, on 22nd Street, about 4 blocks from interstate 275. Cold & hot subs, some of which are very large. Typical Italian subs, also muffelta and a few based on subs popular in other cities. In addition to subs, a lotttttt ( maybe 30-40), of pre-made items to eat cold or heated. You can sit at the coffee bar & eat or a outside patio. Largest Italian store I have been to in Florida.
                                                  If someone knows of Mazzaros and knows of a similar place somewhere else in Florida pass that along !

                                                  1. As close as you'll probably get to Mazzaros in Tampa is Castellano and Pizzo on Henderson at Lois Ave. Great sandwiches, butcher shop, cheeses. they don't have a bakery on site but they bring in some great baked goodies.

                                                    1. Where do I go for a great Egg Salad sandwich in Tampa Bay?

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                                                        Zudars, Fresh Market, TooJays, Schillers, even Wrights - all may have what you are looking for but that search is going to be a hard one- egg salad is one of the most difficult of the salad sandwiches to present on a menu due to so may varieties. Some like it with chopped olives, some with chopped onions, others with relish.....etc.; on rye, pump, bagel, onion roll, toasted- not toasted. Your best bet is too make a big bowl of it yourself. Add everything you want to the choped eggs but mayo and mix. Add mayo last to control the moistness to your preference. Lastly, add your salt (preferably Kosher)and let it chill well before serving. I like a few drops of hot sauce to add some kick and a few slices of a firm, ripe tomatoe- see, such a simple concept can be so complicated! Good luck.

                                                      2. Old Key West Deli, St. Pete behind the Dali Museum. Fresh hot fries, awesome grilled chicken sandwich, the best club my husband said he's ever had. Beer too! Lots of happy hour specials to draw in USF students, but pretty empty around lunchtime.

                                                        1110 3rd St S
                                                        St Petersburg, FL 33701
                                                        (727) 894-4363

                                                        1. We went to Schiller's German Deli on El Prado and Manhattan for the first time over the weekend - neat old time deli, good sandwiches, friendly service, good prices. We're going to add Schiller's to our rotation of sandwich shops.

                                                          My favorite local sandwich shop remains Wright's on Dale Mabry. Second place I'd give to Pizzo & Castellano (have only gone for sandwiches on the weekend haven't tried the lunch buffett yet). For good big cheap sandwiches also like Interbay Meat Market, but Schiller's is up there. Felt like I was sitting in grandma's kitchen as she made me a sandwich :)

                                                          Sandwiches from the deli at Wild Oats off Dale Mabry actually aren't bad. Down in Ybor, La Tropicana for good cubans.

                                                          I've still gotta try Mazzaro's in St. Pete. I love walking around Pizzo & Castellano's aisles, and from everything I've seen and heard, Mazzaro's is bigger and better. Thoughts?

                                                          Happy new years-

                                                          Florida Food Hound

                                                          1. Matt just checked out your website. Some great info there. Pizzo & Castellano's was my favorite for sandwiches, we would drive from St. Pete for lunch until we tried Mazzaro's. The sandwiches are made much quicker at Mazzaro's. The wait at P & C's at lunch can be long at times. The whole package at Mazzaro's is fun. We were there a few Saturday's ago and they even had a band on the back patio.

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                                                              Donh: Thanks for the feedback. I know what you mean about P&C, we've been on the weekend when it isn't very busy and even then it's kind of slow, we don't mind b/c it's the weekend and the sandwiches are worth it. Mazzaro's sounds great. Now I've gotta finally try it over next week or so and will report back!


                                                            2. Sadly, the Bread & Butter Deli in Downtown Tampa is gone, but believe they still have an outpost in Tarpon Springs. As a Jersey transplant, I still jones for a real Jersey sub (not the Subway, Blimpie, Firehouse, etc. crap, but the real thing). The real thing can be found is Subport on North Dale Mabry Hwy (Target shopping center at Ehrlich).

                                                              1. Try Philly Phlava in Town & Country, awesome cheesesteaks and hoagies. They bring the Amoroso roll in from Philly along with tastykakes and herr's chips, last time I was there they even had philly pretzels. they have 2 spots at St. Pete Times Forum as well. they're about a mile west of Memorial Hwy on Hillsb Ave in a publix plaza, pretty cool hockey decorations too

                                                                1. I love Wright's, and try and get there anytime I am in the area. My friend and I can split a sandwich, and have plenty. When I am living on the edge I get one of their desserts as well, too many to list here. One note, the line does get long right at noon so try and get there a few minutes early if going at lunch.

                                                                  1. In the Brandon area, you can count on Della's to meet you deli needs. Great sandwich's and side salads, with coolers of drinks including beer. Bonus is that after the lunch crowd is gone they go in to dinner mode, as Della's After Dark. They even have live jazz on the weekends.


                                                                    1. Pane Rustica by a landslide. One of Tampa's culinary jewels.

                                                                        1. re: lmb8439

                                                                          The new Atlantic City Sub at Alessi's Bakery on Cypress. It's just like the White House Sub in Atlantic City

                                                                        2. A new place called Harold's Cafe in Tampa Heights @ 442 W Columbus is really cute. The focus is on coffee but they offer a breakfast and lunch menu with focus on the sandwich. It's all take out but there's a nice private courtyard with comfortable seating for those who want to stick around. This is a place that's a bright spot on a fairly dingy corner. See my post from earlier today.