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Aug 8, 2006 01:45 PM

Favorite Sandwich Joints in Tampa Bay?

After having a great sandwich recently at Interbay Meat Market off MacDill, I'm interested in uncovering other delis, sandwich shops and hole-in the-walls that make great sandwiches.

Two other picks I'll throw out there:

Spiro's: Little Greek grocery and deli in South Pasadena on Gulfport Blvd (St. Pete Beach). Grab a sandwich and then sit at one of the little tables out front. Great Greek salad as well.

Wright's Gourmet: S. Dale Mabry. I know they're well known for their cakes, but I've only tried their sandwiches and have always been happy. Lots of unique stuff, prices are fair, quick service.

What are your favorites?



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  1. pane rustica on macdill and the floridian (great cubans) on central just over the treasure island bridge on treasure island...

    1. I had a great Banh Mi sandwich at Thuy Cafe: 5944 34th St. N. Suite #37, St. Petersburg, FL 33714. Very fresh and the price seemed reasonable, $4.50 for it and a bottle of water. She closes at 6pm most days.
      I'm also loving the Caprese sandwich at Earl of Sandwich in International Plaza. And speaking of Caprese sandwiches, Mazzaro's does a great one too. But Earl of Sandwich is more convenient for hours and location.

      1. Mott and Hester deli in Palms Plaza just south of the intersection of Dale Mabry and Henderson has really great sandwiches. Their bread is always fresh and crisp. Their Wild Turkey with Pepperjack and marinated mushrooms is excellent, their grouper sandwich is one of the best around, and their po-boys are good too. Another place that is unbeatable it Castellano and Pizzo for the cubans. they also have assorted sandwiches with fresh basil leaves, homemade mozarella, and all sorts of other goodies.

        1. i forgot about robert's meats on westshore...great cubans, grouper and steak sandwiches

          1. Try La Spada's at 1737 Main St. in Dunedin. They make authentic philly cheesesteaks, and pizza steaks (sandwiches) as well. Their food is greasy (in a good way). They also serve sandwiches at Bright House stadium in the Phillies complex.