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Aug 8, 2006 11:52 AM

Decent eats around Wildwood, NJ

Sharky's Feeding Frenzy:
Between Wildwood Crest & Cap May, if you follow Pacific Avenue all the way to the bridge, it is on the left after the $1 toll. Looks like a BBQ and a tarp with a dozen tables. It is! And the seafood is delicious- clam bakes, BBQ seafood, some fried stuff, salads that aren't iceberg... BYOB.

On Park Blvd. in Wildwood, touts 83 years in business. Basic Italian, good seafood, try flounder with kingcrab. Wooden interior with booths! BYOB.


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  1. Thanks so much -- and just in time! heading down the shore tomorrow.
    Will report back with any chowish discoveries/reviews.

    1. Just made our annual reservations for a Wildwood week in August, and look forward to returning to Sharky's. What great food! The BBQ was the real deal, fish could not have been fresher. Thanks so much, Pryncezzsarah, for telling us about it. We ate there two nights in a row, something we very rarely do on a vacation. Sure hope it hasn't disappeared over the winter.

      1. A bit inland, cross the parkway and head a bit north on 9 to Seaville. Behind a McD's on the right is Mamma Mia's. Good Italian. Good pizza.

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          Thanks, fpatrick. Appreciate the inland guidance - we find ourselves sticking to the shoreline out of habit. All suggestions greatly appreciated! Here's one from us -- in season, the Sunday buffet at the Chalfonte in Cape May. Classic, old-fashioned Southern cooking. A good deal for a lot of delicious food.

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            Mamma Mia's in Seaville is indeed very good. I love their pizza and antipasto. Haven't made it to the rest of the menu yet but will soon. For very good cheese steaks and decent pizza in WW proper try Mr. D's. There is also a soul food place worth trying called Beans, Greens and Birds on Rt. 9 just north of the Rio Grande intersection. It's currently open Thursday-Sunday I believe, just across from the as yet unopened Wall Mart. I've had both the fried chicken and fried fish, which were pretty good. Just understand when you order that a sandwich means a slab of fish, ribs or a whole piece of chicken on a piece of white bread, bones included.

          2. I have always liked Mulligan's in Wildwood...right next to the Acme. I think their bar food is the best around.