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Aug 8, 2006 11:39 AM

Private Party

Hi -- I'm looking for a restaurant that would be a good site for a private dinner party for around 40 people. We're looking for something with a Quebec/ Montreal flavor, ideally in the Plateau or downtown area though we aren't so worried about that last part.

I tried La Colombe, which has a room upstairs, but unfortunately they already have a booking for the date I'm looking for. I also tried YoYo, but their two seatings on weekend plan does not work well for us and in any event their layout is not ideal. Ideally we would get a separate room or simply rent out the whole restaurant if the place is small enough.

Nor am I fixated on BYOB. Our budget would accommodate up to $85 per head including tax and tip so whatever would fit within that range would work for us.

I'd appreciate any suggestions people might have.

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  1. Have you tried Le Pégase near Yoyo on Gilford? It is a BYOW, but one in the range of la Colombe and Yoyo. It is smaller than Yoyo. I haven't been to that place in ages, but there's one called L'Entrepont on Villeuve (BYOW). It is also really small. There's a small restaurant on Masson called M sur Masson. The reviews are excellent and it is quite small. It opened a couple of weeks ago so they are not always full and would surely welcome the business.

    1. If you chose to go the BYOB way, you might to consider places like O'Thym, À l'os, Bleu raisin. Whereas licenced restaurants could be La Loie, O Chalet or something like that.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I've called several of these places and others. I've some messages and looked into various options. The main problem with the small restaurant option is that we are looking at a Saturday night and do not want to start eating at 9pm. Which means we essentially have to buy out both seatings. Still waiting to hear back from A l'Os. Les Heritiers is a no go. M sur Masson will be too far out for this crowd. So far the best option is Au Petit Lyonnais in the plateau. That is the right neighborhood and he would charge us for 45 meals though he can only fit 35 people. Not ideal, of course, since I am expecting 40!

        So now I'm leaning towards a restaurant with a private room. Does anyone know of a place with a large private room that could fit 40 people?

        Thanks again for the suggestions.

        1. I believe that Bleu Raisin could accommodate you, but you're right - it's either early or late. If you wish to eat around 7:30 or 8, you'd be out of luck. That said, their group menu is flexible, reasonably priced (under 35$ ahead for a table d'hote including apps, mains, dessert/coffee/tea), the food is quite good & service is fine. BYOW is a bonus.

          Options on a Saturday night are not plentiful as it's a 'bread & butter' evening for most resaurants. I know it's in Old Montreal, but have you checked see if Holder can accomodate you?

          And around the corner, the Hotel St-Paul has a nice room upstairs which could be catered. It used to be the bar I believe.

          Other options would be more suburban, say something like 40 ouest - they have a private room for large groups and an excellent menu/decor.

          1. Thanks for the tips, grillit. Lots of great suggestions.

            So I do have a bit of an update. I've spoken to the owners of La Loie and Les Infidèles (same as Resto À l'Os which already had a group booked). Both are willing to sacrifice their bread and butter soir and turn the restaurant over to us for the night. Both can provide a menu degustation. In the end when all is said and done the cost will be roughly comparable. Marc-André, the owner of les Infidèles, was quite enthusiastic, but Patrick, the owner of La Loie was also very accommodating and perhaps seemed a bit more attentive.

            Les Infidèles want a mark-up over the cost of their regular menu degustation coming to a roughly 25% premium to make up for lost covers (I assume he's being honest). That makes the food costs go way up, though perhaps I can negotiate that. They will have more of a selection of foods since people can choose off the menu. Wine costs will be lower since they are a BYO.

            La Loie will charge us the regular price for their food and we can work out a menu together with them, which sounds like fun to me. They serve wine so that adds to price while it saves on hassle. The advantage, though, is that we could do a tasting menu that pairs different wines with each course.

            All in all I'd be curious to know what people think. I've eaten at Les Infidèles once and thought it was good but not outstanding. That was a while back. I'll be eating at La Loie on Saturday to see how it is. The neighborhood for Infidèles is a bit more what I had in mind but Loie is not so far out.

            Thanks again for your help.

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              While I like Les Infideles, I was completely blown away by La Loie - the food was very good, but the service was outstanding - I can't recall a restaurant that has ever made me feel as welcome on a first visit. They serve wines by the glass or bottle, and will gladly recommend wines to go with each course, based on your budget. They were so friendly, I would go back there for the service alone. They tend to be busier at lunch, so I'm guessing they wouldn't mind letting you take over the restaurant for an evening. Definitely, if you have a choice, go with La Loie.