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Aug 8, 2006 08:11 AM

LA/OC Cooking Classes [Moved from L.A.]

I am looking for some interesting cooking classes. I live in Long Beach so I am available to travel up to LA and down to OC. I don't really want to pay too much and am not looking for a career, just some interesting classes or even just to watch. (I am unemployed right now, so have all the time in the world)

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  1. Not exactly cheap, but New School of Cooking in Culver City is excellent, very hands-on, and at the end you get to try a little of each dish cooked during the class. Cindy Mushet and May are the best instructors, IHMO. About $75 per class. Catalogue available at

    1. Check out the cooking school at Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach. It's actually more of a demo cooking class than hands on, but I've taken a few of their classes and they're always fun, especially the ones taught by the cooking school director, Grace Marie Johnson.

      The cost will run you $25 to $35, depending on which class you do and while the cooking is being demonstrated, you also get to sample the food. I've had "lunch" there so to speak. The link for more info is:


      1. I'm at the New School right now in the Pro series (not cheap, for sure) but am loving it. They have a shorter, less expensive intro series, and several specialty classes that are pretty reasonable.

        Most Sur La Table's offer classes that look interesting and are priced reasonably; listings are by store, starting here: I've never tried one, but I know some staff from the New School do gigs there, too, so I'm guessing they're pretty decent.

        1. Two other suggestions where I've taken cooking classes:

 (near the Westside Pavilion in West LA


          Sign up for their newsletter; these are the ladies who run Border Grill in Santa Monica and Las Vegas and Ciudad downtown and they occasionally have cooking classes followed by lunch in one of their restaurants.

          1. I had a great experience at Hipcooks in Downtown Los Angeles. The owner, Monika, lives in an artists loft and holds classes downstairs in a renovated kitchen. My boyfriend and I went to the "I'm think I'm turning Japanese" sushi class (so fun) and his dad and stepmom just went to the "thrill of the grill" last saturday- they raved about the gazpacho they made. It's a causal, fun atmosphere- alcohol is served and you can bring your own too. Best thing is, it's really reasonably priced at 40-50 bucks a class.

            The website is