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upset by mon lung?

despite the good reviews i've read on other boards, everytime i eat at Mon Lung on Ashland, in Noble Square, i get a stomach ache. anyone have similar experience? can you suggest a better chinese restaurant?

i've heard of Eat First 2, haven't tried it, but seems more to be chinese/american food for eating on the sofa while watching a movie. i am interested in Green Ginger, but not sure about papajin.

certainly wondering about places in the wicker park, bucktown, noble square, logan square, etc. area, along with any other places in the city. i am interested in lao sze chuan, as well. not as interested in cantonese/dim sum style.

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  1. Friendship Chinese delivers
    2830 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
    Tel: (773) 227-0970

    Not sure it's relevatory food, and I definitely like the interesting dishes at Lao Sze Chuan more, but for delivery in Bucktown it's better than the alternatives.

    1. Granted I haven't eaten it in a couple of years since I moved from the neighborhood, but I always found Eat First 2 the better(and...remember...this is relative) of all the usual leafletting suspects. Caveat: I don't do any kind of noodle dish from takeout Chinese/American places...apps...soups...entrees...rice...etc...only. I can't speak to their noodles. They actually include a healthy quantity of dry-fried red chiles in their kung pao(always a good sign).

      I've never been a fan of Papajin...overpriced, consistently underwhelming food.

      Lao Sze Chuan is one of my favorite restaurants, period, in the city. We're talking apples and oranges here, tho. What "szechuan, hunan, yunan" you find on any run-of-the-mill delivery menu is guaranteed to be unrecognizably Cantonese-American-ified.

      1. thanks for the replies. i think i will try friendship, then, for local convenience.
        i have continuously heard wavering reviews of papajin, so we'll see if i ever get around to it.

        i'm getting more and more excited to try lao sze chuan. i really hope it is as good as others say and without any negative experience. i miss real chinese food like i had living in san francisco and during my travels to china/hong kong.

        1. You said "i miss real chinese food like i had living in san francisco and during my travels to china/hong kong."

          Ah, I'm not sure we can compete with the Pacific Northwest or China itself in this arena :)

          1. well, that is still good to know, so that i don't set my expectations too high.

            i can certainly say that san francisco and china/hong kong can't compete with chicago in the area of pizza. that's one slice of heaven they'll never be able to match : )

            1. Can't speak to Eat First 2, but over here in River West, we enjoy Eat First (must be 1) regularly for delivery, much better than our other local "Chinese" delivery options.

              1. i ate at eat first 2. i had a dinner portion of fried rice and kung pao chicken. i will say, it is a proportionate value for the money. i asked for the kung pao chicken to be really spicy, and it came out only medium spicy, for my palate. it seemed they just doused it with some chile sauce because it had a strange orange-ish red tint to it. the meat was average - not particularly tender but neither stringy or chewy. the spices and flavorings were very simple and one note. same for the fried rice, very simple. i did see fresh green onion in the rice though, and it was not greasy.

                for $6.00 i would probably order again if i were simply hungry and wanted some quick chinese food to eat casually.

                1. I'm not surprised your experience at Eat First 2 was average. Remember, their food is relatively better(in my eyes) to the absolute dreck found elsewhere in the neighborhood(Yu Shing comes immediately to mind). When I used to order from Eat First 2 their english wasn't the best so they could've misinterpreted your "spicy" request. As I recall, their kung pao was never particularly chile-hot in and of itself, but the addition of the dry fried dried red chiles gave it the requisite smokiness and definite heat if you ate them(as I do) along with the chicken, etc.

                  If you do return(or order from) I recommend the Princess Rib: bone-in pork rib chunks breaded and tossed in a General Tso's-ish sweet sauce.

                  I'm glad you tried it even if it wasn't exactly to your taste. Since I haven't eaten there in a couple years(I'm no longer in the neighborhood) I remember them somewhat fondly...esp. since my area's Chinese/American scene is even more dire.

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                    thank you for the response. i will remember to never eat at Yu shing. i did see the whole chiles in the kung pao and was happy to see them, instead of some crushed up pieces. i'll probably return as i am sure i'll have an immediate chinese craving that needs to be satiated quickly, and i'll keep your recommendation of the Princess Rib.

                  2. Papajin is pretty good for delivery in the neighborhood. Friendship is much better though. Green Ginger is no more, a new bar with food Jun Bar has opened in its place, same owners. Extremely overpriced drinks.