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Aug 8, 2006 06:33 AM

Locke's Flamin Fish & Shrimp- El Segundo

Has anyone been to this new place? I here it has really good soul food. Want to know what other hounds think?

Here's a link:

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  1. I ate here with a coworker last week and he ate there again yesterday. On our first trip we both tried the fried catfish with two sides and a drink (kool-aid or sweet tea).

    The catfish was nice and reminiscent of those that I eat when I visit family in Mississippi. I had macaroni and cheese and collard greens as side, the coworker had mashed potatoes and corn with okra and tomotoes. I liked the macaroni and cheese but it is definetly not the best I've had, the greens were solid, the coworker really enjoyed the corn. The servings are a good size and I felt full after eating.

    On the second visit the coworker ordered the chicken fried steak with two sides. He said it was delicious (it looked delicious and was a good size) and he skipped dinner that night.

    They have good looking fried chicken and even some healthy choices like grilled chicken. The short ribs must be popular because they were sold out both times and we ate at about 11:30 am. The deserts look good and the servings looked to be about the size of a claim jumper serving. They have the basics peach cobbler, german chocolate cake, and a few more.

    Overall we like the place, too bad it replaced the indonesian joint that was there before. It will definitely join my list of places to eat when I'm working near LAX. The women who work there are very friendly.

    $7-8.50 for lunch with two sides and a drink.

    1. Sounds good! Was the chinken fried steak beef? Some places have Chicken fried Chicken with that name.

      Also is it a sit down place? I thought most in that strip mall were limited to take out by city ordinance.

      I am always looking for new places in the LAX area.


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        The chicken fried steak was beef. There are 2-3 small tables that could probably sit two people but it doesn't really seem like a sit down type of place. Both times we got our food to go and headed over to the big park down the street.

        1. re: BobMack

          Thanks for the info. Does the CFS travel well. I have has some that do but most become gloppy mess.

          That you took it to a park and are touting it really bodes well!

          Thanks, I'll try it.

          1. re: Wes

            It travelled well to the park but it is right down the street (less than 5 minutes). If it's the gravy (if you like yours with gravy) that makes it gloppy you might be able to get it in a seperate container.