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Aug 8, 2006 05:55 AM

Ten Ren Tea Shops near Scarborough?

Does anyone know of where I can get Ten Ren tea to drink (not bulk to buy)? I swear there's one at Metro Square (Warden and Steeles), but it doesnt say so in their database (

I know the one in Pacific Mall serves food as well, but does anyone know how late I can get into Pacific Mall? I might be having a late drink with some friends, would PMall let us in at about 10ish at night?

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  1. hi
    yes there is a ten ren at metro square. but i think its called something else but its part of the ten ren chain.

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    1. re: cat

      Thanks Cat! Do you or anyone else know whether they serve food at the Metro Square one?

      1. re: jennjen18

        I think they do (appetizers/snacks) but I'm not sure about full meals/lunches.

    2. There is a Ten Ren outlet in the fast food section of T&T supermarket at Steeles/Warden, where you can also get buns or dim sum etc. I don't know how late they are open though.

      1. you can also go to the huge Destiny in the No Frills plaza across from Pacific Mall.

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          Eeeek, I dont like Destiny. They totally overcharge food. I see that Ten Ren 168 has specials for food items, ex. if you order a food item, then your drink has discount, etc etc.

        2. I personally prefer 168 over Ten Ren's. But, the quality of each one really depends on who's mixing the drinks.

          I know there's still a Ten Ren's at Yonge and North York Center and Metro Square. They both sell small meals.

          You should really try out Stop and Seat and Koto Teahouse along Yonge Street. THey both are owned and operated by Taiwanese people and make great snacks.

          1. Okay, after a discussion with a friend, I now know that TEN REN and Tea Shop 168 are 2 different things. Sorry to confuse, guys. The one in Pacific Mall, 2nd Floor, is a Tea Shop 168. But I would like to find a Ten Ren where I can sit down to enjoy a drink (only because I have an SPC card and I get discounts!). And I think thats at Metro Square (which is closest near me).

            Thank you for your help!!!