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Aug 8, 2006 05:43 AM

Bulgarini Gelato - The Best

i've been on this ridiculous gelato craze partially due to this board. through it i read a jonathan gold article about BULGARINI GELATO in pasadena in the courtyard of the pacific asia museum.

they studied with some of the best guys who still make from scratch in italy and he's italian and her italian is beautiful.

okay, it's very, very good gelato, made in the old style, no PreGel (

bacio - they get their hazlenuts from oregon, it has a complexity and texture that's unreal

pistacchio - pistachios from northern italy, not too sweet, she makes a paste from the pistachios and it's so intense

mango - the texture almost brought me to tears, i had to buy the $13.50 container to take home. the flavor is like biting into a mango without getting all the threads stuck between your teeth

open fri, sat, sunday only 11am-6pm.

the courtyard is an incredible place to sit and relax.

if you like real gelato, run, don't walk.

how far away is friday?

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  1. I absolultely agree revets2. bulgarini's gelato is out of control delicious!
    yes, all of the flavors you mentioned are great.
    next time try the cantaloupe - before the season is over.
    perfectly fragrant, creamy and dreamy.

    last night went to Gelato Bar in studio city and was not impressed.

    1. i'm trying gelato bar tonight and i trust your opinion, ostudio, but george is so enthusiastic, i feel i should try.

      do you think they're making it from scratch or from paste?

      i really like leo's cantaloupe. the last time i had it, he put a little gin in it. the mango is my hands down fave, though.

      will report back on gelato bar.

      1. Hey I haven't tried Bulgarini yet, so don't hold me up as a comparison point between the two!

        But this post, as opposed to JG's article, makes me want to try.......

        1. george, if were talking great gelato by roman standards, think san crispino-good, not giolitti-good.

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          1. re: revets2

            I like both, but they are different. I was thinking from what I've been reading that Bulgarini sounded like San Crispino.

            1. re: George

              giolitti is mostly from flavor tins or paste. you know, open can, pour in machine.

              san crispino and bulgarini's bases are all freshly made which means the texture is different depending upon whether you get the mango sorbetto or the bacio.

          2. The original comment has been removed