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Aug 8, 2006 05:37 AM

Oceanside Recs? (Sushi, Chinese?) & Mini Ruby's Report

Hi all,

I'm a newly ex-San Francisco Chowhound (just moved) and am visiting with family in Oceanside. Last time I was down here for an extended period of time I was (happily) directed to Cafe Mariscos #1 (all of 2 blocks from the family's house, hurrah! We'll be going back there!) and Samba Brazilian (sadly burned down). We enjoyed King's Fishhouse while here too...

So, last night we went to Ruby's on the pier - the waitress suggested the Fish/Shrimp and Chips combo platter and I went with it - I should have stuck with the burgers there. Suspiciously perfect rectangles of non-flavorful fish, not recommended. Live and learn. The chocolate malted was great though.

We had a kid with our party, he ordered the kids hamburger, and it literally came out with the bun and meat only. That was it. We had to ask to get him lettuce and tomato, etc. They told us that most kids don't like that stuff so they don't normally serve it. Fortunately, the one with us is the exception to that rule.

Anyhow, please help me out with recommendations that will keep me out of the plethora of chain restaurants here. I particularly would love some recommendations for a nice neighborhood sushi place and authentic Chinese (of any sort, I like it all). Anything else that you find particularly chow-worthy I'd love to hear about too!


Kuisine (formerly KathySK)

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  1. It is not chinese but Thai Garden (4750 Oceanside Blvd) is one of my favorite Thai in SD. For decent/good coffee (good crema/good microfoam) go to Old California Coffee House (1080 San Marcos Blvd).

    1. I recommend:

      Beach Break Cafe (breakfast)
      1902 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA
      (760) 439-6355

      Teri Cafe (Japanese/Island-style teriyaki and noodles)
      2249 S El Camino Real, Oceanside, CA
      (760) 722-8399

      Ocean Thai Cuisine
      3846 Mission Ave # A3, Oceanside, CA
      (760) 967-9901

      If you manage to find authentic Chinese food in Oceanside, we'd all love to hear about it.

      As for neighborhood sushi joints, they're all over the place (at least 3 near the intersection of El Camino Real and Mission and at least 2 on Oceanside Blvd. just East of I-5). I'm not sure that any one stands out above the rest.

      1. Kurando is a good sushi choice in O'side. On Mission Av just east of El Camino Real. Check for hours open.
        Breakfast at Beach Break will love the coffee cake

        1. Go-go Japan has conveyor sushi style dining. I love their shrimp tempura roll! Oceanside/College (Mcdonald's and Coldstone complex across from KFC/Albertson's)

          Ocean Thai has delicious tom yum and pad thai. Located next to Ross/SteinMart/Mervyn's complex in 78 and El Camino Real.

          The only chinese place that I really like is Happy Noodle (chow fun is tops!) located at the Ralph's/Blockbuster complex on Oceanside and College.

          1. if you're coming from SF, the Chinese food down here falls short of what is available up north. Your best bet for a decent Cantonese, Sichuan or Northern Chinese food fix is on/around Convoy Ave in SD proper.

            I have also yet to find great Thai in the city--much better is available in SF.

            However, there are a lot of good sushi places in the county!