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Aug 8, 2006 05:29 AM

Oinkster update - Watch out Eagle Rock

For those who did not see my post in the attached thread on Eagle Rock, Andre Guerrero previewed some of his Oinkster menu items at Max in Sherman Oaks tonight.
A friend and I indulged and had the pastrami sandwich with red cabbage slaw, gruyere cheese and carmelized onions, and also tasted a small bite of the pulled pork sandwich, either served on soft rolls that allow you to fully taste the meat item, and not worrying about losing your teeth in the process!
Beware Eagle Rock - these are tasty sandwiches.
And the accompanying fries, with the garlic aioli, are sublime. Talk about a sauce that marries the food. Yet you can also get homemade ketchup if so desired in lieu of the garlic, but why...?!
And not to be left out, a Boylan's root beer for companion in lieu of the Turchi Syrah for me. Boylan's also offered at Langers, btw!
And also served as the basis for the root beer float currently on the regular menu at Max.
I know my car will know the way to Eagle Rock soon enough, meaning right after Labor Day or thereabouts.

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  1. We are officially ready for Oinkster! Thanks for the update and report.

    1. Carter - any news on Oinkster's opening? I'm dying to try those fries!

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      1. re: Suebee

        Those fries are being sold every night at Max in Sherman Oaks. Also, Monday nights they are still doing previews at Max of the pastrami and pulled pork.
        As to opening, was in there on Saturday, and it looks like around the 1st of the month or so. Staff training, installation of equipment and FF&E, and finishing of the painting of the patio seating are at least 3 additional tasks needing immediate attention.

        1. re: carter

          Drove by today and it looks not that much different than last month - no visible sign of life on the planet...

          1. re: carter

            Great news, thanks. The next time I'm visiting Mom in Sherman Oaks I'll have to convince her to go to Max to try those fries.

        2. I drove by today and noticed the Jim's Burgers sign had finally been removed. There was a crane working there so maybe they were getting ready to put up an Oinkster sign. I didn't have time to stick around to see what happened.

            1. re: amie32

              While driving by today I noticed that they had "Now hiring" signs in the front windows and it looked as if they had several hopefuls already there interviewing.

              1. re: bugmenot3

                My husband and I walked by the restaurant tonight -- Andre was outside watering and kindly invited us in to look around. Everything is pretty much in place except for the tables and chairs. The line is functional and he's just waiting for the gas hookup and for the health department to check everything out. The place looks great -- really comfortable, with red banquettes inside and wooden benches in the large patio outside. His fiancee Joy (who was also there) is doing the desserts. The staff is pretty much hired, the Oinkster sign is up and they're going to put up further signage to advertise their burgers, pastrami and rotisserie chicken. The whole place looks beyond cool and we're really looking forward to the opening in a couple of weeks!

                1. re: soyarra

                  Correct you are, yet fiance is Jan Purdy, not Joy, just an FYI. Food tastes great, btw, as the pastrami, pulled pork and fries have been available at Max in Sherman Oaks for past coupla Mondays.

                  1. re: carter

                    Ack! Jan, of course - sorry, I'm terrible with names. As for the fries, Andre said they're to be fried twice - first in beef fat (as with Belgian frites) then in rice bran oil (as for tempura). Wow. Very ambitious. I'm dying to try them.