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Aug 8, 2006 05:01 AM

Need a great place in North Part Of Chicago

Will be in Chicago first week of September, staying with my daughter, about a mile or so from Wrigley field on Newport. Any suggestions on good places to eat??????

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I always think Erwin's on Halsted is great. It's laid back, great service and the food is exceptional.

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          I will try it, thanks for the info.

        2. Raw Bar on Clark Street in Wrigleyville is a unique Persian/Egyptian/American seafood house. It's been around for 19 years and still serving up some of the very best steak and seafood around. Have a seat in the bar area or in the more subdued attached Piano Bar dining area. You will be pleasantly surprised by The Raw Bar. I've been a regular for over 10 years and continue to be impressed.

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            Thanks, I'm loving all the new places to try!

          2. As for neighborhood places thatyou can walk to....

            I would recommend Deleece on 4004 N Southport. Great food in very relaxed atmosphere. Very affordable, especially so on Mondays and Tuesdays when they have a $20 3 course. If you don't go there for dinner you can also go for a very good Sunday brunch.

            If you are in the mood for Italian, you can also go to Terragusto on 1851 W Addison. It's a BYOB and their pasta is handmade. (If you go I would strongly suggest the spaghetti alla bollognese. It is heavenly)

            Some other places worth checking out in the vacinity is, Tango Sur for Argentinian steak, El tapatio for Mexican.

            Also, check out Southport Grocery and Cafe for their brunch/lunch and most of all cupcakes, especially their Vanilla cupcakes which have been voted best cupcakes in Chicago. (If you like Chocolate cupcakes, you should checkout Sensational bites further up on Southport. their chocolate cupcakes w/choco frosting is excellent as is their chocolate w/ peanut butter frosting. yum.....)

            There are also so many great places in Chicago that are not immediately in the vicinity of where you are staying but would be worth going to.

            1. Not only are we excited to try all of the great recommended places, but my daughter is happy to hear about some places she has not tried! Thanks