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Aug 8, 2006 04:52 AM

Grapefruit Cake?

Does anyone have a recipe for a grapefruit olive oil cake. I cant remember where-- but a while ago I saw a recipe for a cake that was mixed in the food processor and used the whole entire grapefruit- peel and fruit. I think it was an olive oil cake but I am not certain.


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  1. You had me intrigued. I Googled "Grapefruit Cake" and found a bunch of recipes. Most had grapefruit juice and the grated zest. Several had oil in them but not olive oil. Some that sounded yeally yummy had a grapefruit creamcheese frosting and topped it with grapefruit sections.

    1. Gosh that sounds good! With cream cheese frosting...mmmmmm.


      1. foodtv has a citrus cake with olive oil, not sure if it was grapefruit or not, but it could be modified I would imagine

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        1. i found it online. I have been searching online and I found a recipe that uses blood orange instead of grapefruit. I think i could modify it to use grapefruit.

          The reason i was thinking about this is that I am trying to be healthier. If you know of any other easy and good olive oil based cake recipes let me know.

          1. The famous grapefruit cake is also known as the Brown Derby cake from Disney in Orlando. However, have not noticed the whole grapefruit in the recipe- funny thing is it's canned, which is odd for Florida you'd think!

            Also- I found this one- might just be what your looking for!