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Aug 8, 2006 04:50 AM

Quick Lunch around Angel's Stadium (Anaheim)

I'm right by the Big A in Anaheim this week for a training class and I'm not super familiar with the chow in the area. Looking for 3 places for a quick lunch in the area of Katella and State College. I'll go for about anything as long as its interesting.

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  1. Right in the area there isn't a whole lot that stands out in my mind. For standard sport bar pub grub there is Nationals Sports Bar. There is also the Catch directly across the street from the Stadium. It is a bit pricier but food is decent. The Block at Orange [outdoor mall] is only a few blocks away. Lots of stuff there, none of which is all that interesting IMHO [check this link for a listing of restaurants:]. JT Schmidt's near the pond [where the ducks play] is more pub grub with on premises brewery.

    You are really going to need some wheels or to hitch a ride if you want something interesting. For good german food there is Jagerhaus on Ball Rd just west of the 57 FWY. For pretty good old school Italian there is Luigi's D'Italia on State College between Ball and Lincoln [just about 5 blocks north of the stadium]. When I worked in the bulding across the street we would also go pick up some pertty good, cheap and quick mexican food at a place called Hacienda Flores on Main and Chapman. If you have the trasnsportation and the inclination, Thai Nakorn is some of the best Thai food in the southland. Their address is 12532 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92843-1907. They are on Garden Grove Blvd and Harbor within a mile or two of the stadium.

    1. There's Chili's and Acapulco on Katella and Main. Hooters is behind the stadium on Katella. (Anti-Hooters, don't bash me)

      If you have an entertainment card, Mr. STox is a great idea :)

      1. Thanks for the tips. I hit up JT Schmidt's by the pond. Ate at the bar and talked some Cal football with the bar keep. (See handle) Sandwiches were good. I might try Luigi's tomorrow and come back for Flores and Thai Nakom when I'm in the area again.

        1. Up a couple blocks from Angel Stadium, towards the Hilton Suites is the National Sports bar. A great place for pre-game eating.

          1. There's always Hooters thats off the 57 freeway on katella. I only go there when i want a place to chill and some chicken wings tho.