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Aug 8, 2006 03:03 AM

Weekend in Commack, LI (beaching at Robert Moses)

Hi, my husband and I are spending the weekend near Robert Moses beach this weekend. The plan is to see a concert Friday night at Jones Beach Theatre and tailgate there so Friday night dinner is taken care of. We'll stay at Howard Johnson's in Commack Friday and Saturday night and a breakfast is included in our hotel, though we may not want it.We'l go to Robert Moses for the day on Sat/Sun.
So, I am looking for breakfast--goo d diner pancakes
lunch--sandwiches for the beach
dinner--somewhere to order in from or to go out
I did some research on Chowhound already and came up with:
Red Dish Grillle
Blue Honu
La Cubanita
Massa's Coal Oven Pizza
Fonda Coyoacan
Blue Room
Grill Room
Kitchen A/Bistro

Are any of these places still good (some of the posts are old... also would love other recs.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Went to Kitchen a couple of weeks ago and had an excellent meal. It's upscale/casual but quite reasonable and the food is excellent. Fonda Coyoacan still shines, great authentic Mexican and the people could not be nicer. Good lunch spot.

    Breakfast/lunch - I highly recommend Maureen's Kitchen in Smithown, just 10 minutes or so from Commack (look for posts). Excellent and unusual breakfast items (Lobster and chive omelet, anyone?) and everything is prepared and presented perfectly. Pancakes are great. Their lunch menu also shines, and I could see packing one of their giant sandwiches for the beach.


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    1. re: Lono37

      Second Maureens! It's my favorite breakfast spot on the island and I try to hit it a couple of times a year when I'm out there visiting my parents.

      I really love the orange blueberry pancakes (or orange chocolate chip, banana-nut, etc.) Sandwiches are also great and we've been known to take one home for "later".

      I think it would be worth it to allow a little extra time for this over any of the random diners in the area.

      I was at Massa's recently as well and it was very good. I'm pretty sure it's whole pies though, no slices.

      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        If you breakfast at Maureen's, you may not want lunch.

        The food is great and the portions are monstrous.

        1. re: CornflakeGirl

          Nope, contrary to the coal-fired brick-oven creed, Massa's sells slices. And they're good too.

      2. Here are my opinions - PLEASE report back - interested to hear your opinions also.

        Emilio's - very close to your hotel - is a mad house on the weekends. This is a step above your typical pizza/"red sauce' Italian combo and I love their Sicilian pizza. They do take out also.

        Besito - trendy Mexican. I have had good reports on the food but have avoided so far because of the "trendy" part. About 25 minutes from your hotel and not on the way to the beach if that makes any difference. Not really a take out kind of place.

        Blue Honu - a trendy watering hole masquerading as a restaurant. Down the street from the above.

        Fonda Coyocan - about as opposite of trendy Mexican as you can get. Definitely can do take out from here. Also about 25 min from your hotel.

        Blue Room in East Northport - have been here several times - "southern-style" cooking - which is enjoyable. This is a "go out" kind of place. No reservations though.

        Grill Room in Haupaauge is in the middle if an industial park so i don't know what kind of business they do on the weekends. The food is not outstanding but is fine. Not really a take out place.

        Kitchen A Bistro - very good reports from this place but it is tiny and no reservations.

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        1. re: Siobhan

          Slight correction re:Kitchen A Bistro (by the way, is one of my favorite places)-yes, it is tiny, you MUST make reservations and there are 2 seatings a night. It is a BYOB and cash only.

          I've been to Besito twice, and was annoyed by the "snobby & pretentious attitude" both times. While the food on the menu sounds great, I found the food bland. The last time we went, we had drinks at the bar before we wanted to ask for a table. We asked to have some chips with our drinks (which by the way, are extremely expensive). They will only give chips if you order the guac or the nachos. We told them we'd be willing to pay for the chips and they still refused. Ahem, what ever happened to "customer service"??? We ordered the nachos, and found it to be big, but disappointing. The cheese were lumps, not melted...the chorizo was missing, and bland. We decided not to stay for dinner. I also found, both times, that they push their foo-foo drinks on patrons big time.

          1. re: synergy

            Besito and Blue Honu are owned by the same folks - who happen to be "snobby & pretentious" IMHO. I had heard some good things about the food at Besito, but now will not bother since I now know that this is just the same "restaurant formula" from these guys - push the expensive cocktails and who cares about the food. Unfortunately, this formula seems to suck in plenty of customers.

        2. I just wanted to also give props to Maureen's and Emilio's. I moved out of the area and would kill for grilled cheese from Maureens and rice balls from Emilio's. For lunch, if you wanna go on the cheap, you may wanna check out Bagel Boss for some REAL bagels (not sure where you are coming from). God, I miss LI food!

          1. Bellisimo is still bellisimo!!
            They are also open for lunch now.

            1. Emilio's is wonderful, I never miss the opportunity to go there when I am in the area. Love their pizza, salad, eggplant parm.