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Aug 8, 2006 02:32 AM

Restaurant week in St Louis MO- where are you headed for $25/3 courses?

There are 22 restaurants participating this year- only the second. The idea is to get us to try the downtownoptions with a fiarly light hit. I missed out last year so am making up for it this year with four weekday resercvations- that I may cancel if I suddenly want to heat up my kitchen.
Tonight we were at the Top of the Riverfront- the one that revolves around the millenium hotel on 4th. It is fun to sit and watch the view change. Lots of effort to make us feel welcome( my mothers birthday was our focus)- once we realized that we had to valet($5) the car or park in an undetermined area not imediately obvious to us( even with a handicapped card)
The straight forward dishes were good( spring rolls and filet) the others were fair. Go for the view- once around for our whole meal.

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  1. We are headed to An American Place for our restaurant week dinner, first visit.

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      I kept trying for them but never got thru- let us know how you find it.
      Copia tonight and red Moon to follow. I may pass on my Mosaic for Thurs since I am feeling a bit indulgent. My son will get good use out of it.

    2. I didn't know about this, and so I suspect there ar others who also didn't. For their benefit, here is a link to the partcipating restaurants:

      1. Thank you Alan for that post. I was unaware having been on the vaca for a couple of weeks.

        1. Copia meal the was grand!
          Know that the reservations system for this event is not entirely accurate since we were told that all the seatings that were open at Copia were 5:30 or 10- there were only three tables seated when we left at 7:30. With any luck this may mean that they leave a fair number for walkins.

          1. We had a fabulous dinner at An American Place this evening. The calamari was light and perfectly prepared. We also enjoyed the local corn and seafood chowder. For entrees we had the scallops and lamb. Dessert was a trio of choclate, creme brulee and mini shortcake with blackberries. I found the seasonal drink list very interesting with great choices. I had a chardonnay with seltzer and fresh blackberry puree, tart and refreshing.
            Very nice evening!