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Aug 8, 2006 02:28 AM

St. Louis to New Orleans in Early September

I'm looking for the good off the road chow experiences while enroute to NO. I've seen the great posts for the FQ and some for out of town but I'd like to meander my way down and experience some low cost, extremely casual food experinces if anyone would care to share some info. I will probably stay somewhere overnight N of the city before heading to the Marriot at the Convention Center. I will be driving and look forward to hearing about some awesome hideways. I've posted on the NO Board but would like some input for places along the way as well. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Tami's BBQ in Sikeston.
    Blue and White Cafe in Tunica.
    Most any BBQ place in Memphis.
    Several places in Oxford, MS. Ajax Diner (on the Square), Phillips Grocery, Taylor Grocery, etc. Most are listed in
    The Dinner Bell in McComb. I grew up a few blocks from there.
    Two Sisters in Jackson, MS and Jerry's Catfish just south of Jackson on US49.
    Middendorf's in Manchac, LA

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    1. re: Extreme Glow

      If you are looking for low cost as your OP states, then stay away from Two Sisters in Jackson, MS. There are plenty more places that are as good or better and are more reasonably priced. My picks: The Mayflower, The Elite, and Hal & Mal's downtown; Rooster's and Walker's in Fondren area; Cherokee Inn, Juleps, Scrooge's, and Broadstreet Bakery in north Jackson.

      Jerry's Catfish is good, but will be out of your way if you want to stay close to I-55. All of these places offer a variety of good food and atmospheres at a reasonable price.

      Don't forget to report back.

      1. re: Sister Sue

        I will report back, assuming I get to go. Thanks for the rec's.

    2. Stop at BobbyToms BBQ just three minutes of I55 in Pevely Missouri, not sure the exit number. They serve a great bbq brisket and homemade cobbler. Another stop is the Blue Owl in Kimmswick, it will definitely cure your sweettooth. The raspberry cheese pie is my favorite but the pecan butterscotch pie is fabulous too. Also good for homemade soups.

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        YES! I stopped there once headed home to Memphis and they do it RIGHT, with sauces of all types, including Memphis-style.

      2. The Dixie Pig in Blytheville Arkansas. All flavor is from smoke, rub, and a vinegar based sauce at the table. No tomatoes anywhere.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          Isn't that just off I-55 on the east side of the road. I seem to recall passing a place w/ that name or something similar there.

          1. re: DetectDave

            Honestly it's been a couple of years since I've been last (I'm now on the east coast and when I return to the midwest hardly get down that far south). It used to be on the western side of "downtown" Blytheville, so actually a few blocks off the highway. The town used to have quite a few places, including a couple just off the highway, but the DP is worth stopping and asking directions to.