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Aug 8, 2006 02:21 AM

Redfish - Cincinnati - Closed for good

I'm fully aware that this was/is a chain, but imho, one of the better ones.

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  1. I totally agree - I'm disapointed it has closed. I love cajun food (having lived in New Orleans and continue to visit often) and thought their crawfish etoufee was very good (much better than Dee Felice which many Cincinnatian's rave about). Cajun/Creole options are dwindling as Copelands closed as well (though I'm interested to check out the new Brazilian Steakhouse that has opened in its place).

    1. The Knotty Pine on the Bayou in Cold Spring, Ky., is still going strong, and for my money it has the best oysters in town. Also has terrific catfish, and an etoufee of the day.