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Aug 8, 2006 02:18 AM

Good Chinese in Gresham/Fairview Area

Here for another month and still looking for really good chinese. No buffets please. We've tried Wu's in Gresham and Taste of Village in Troutdale. Just OK at best. Not necessarily looking for high end, just good food. Do we have to go into Portland to get good chinese? If so, where? Help! Thanks. Rockinton

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  1. One nice thing about much of the best Chinese in Portland: it's on the east side. If you can, get over to Wong's King on Division and about 87th.

    I have a hard time believing you'll find good Chinese in Gresham. Mexican, maybe, but not Chinese. It's hard enough finding it in Portland.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! I will give it a try and give a reply. Rockintom

    2. Went to Wong's King at lunch today. It is a nice place, but it's apparent they are a strong Dim Sum place. I ordered a Chicken Vegetable dish from the menu. It came with egg flower soup, 2 crab puffs(ragoons), egg roll, and bbq pork fried rice (very good). The chicken and vegetables were good and fresh but dry amd bland as it had no sauce of any kind. Look like it had been steamed. I ask my server and she didn't understand what I was referring to.(Language situation). Hot tea came with the lunch and it was great. The price was right at $6.00.

      Anyone have another place for me to try! Now I know that we don't have a decent one in the Gresham area, I'm willing to drive a ways to have GOOD Chinese! I think I may have become obsessed with this task. PDX has got to have one! Help! Thanks, Rockintom

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        Anyone give other suggestions on Portland Chinese? Thank You! Rockinton

      2. In east county you'll see a lot of signs that say "Chinese & American" food. That pretty much says it all.

        You have to go to PDX or Beaverton for the good stuff, but it doesn't begin to approach that of SF.

        Downtown I like Lum Yuen (moderate) or Sungari (upscale).

        A wonderful moderate place in Beav is The Freshman, Taiwanese style cooking

        1. If you are willing to make the trip down to chinatown Good Taste is the best I have found. Their wonton soup with bbq pork is in a class of it's own. They also have a good selection of bbq meats served with rice and bok choy for about 5 dollars. You might be a little frightened by the looks of this place but believe me, it's well worth it.

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            Thanks for the recommendations. I will check these places out!

          2. Wow! Just stumbled on a great Chinese restaurant in Gresham. It's called Szechuan Open Kitchen and located at 2466 S.E. Burnside Rd. Gresham, 97080. Phone (503) 669-7575. It's hidden away in the Gresham Village shopping center across the street from Fred Meyers. We found it to be clean, brightly colored, good service, and wonderful chow. We had lunch, my bride had lemon chicken and I had chicken and vegetables in a white sauce. Both were fresh and delicious. The hot n sour soup was in a nice sized bowl and super! We got an order of springrolls. Fresh, flavorful and not greasy. You can see the chefs cooking through big windows from most tables. The kitchen was amazing and spotless.
            I highly recommend it. Finally a decent Chinese restaurant in the northeast part of town. Prices were just slighly above the norm. This little place is a gem.