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Hell's Kitchen: Getting Hot!

Best night EVER:

Ramsey (to Keith): I personally don't think you're ready to run a

Keith: I personally think you have a thing for

Ramsey: Why do you have to be so rude?

Keith: You're rude to me all the time.

Ramsey: So?

This made me laugh out loud. Chef Ramsey grew on me, as did all the contestants. Looking forward to the finale.

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  1. "Keith: I personally think you have a thing for Virginia."

    Thing for = "hardon".

    It was testy!

    I was happy to see gape-mouthed Keith go, though.

    Seriously, it's like Surviror with AllClad.

    1. hello, I find GR's control over things to be a refreshing change from the other reality shows that give the audience/viewers input on the results (never watched Trump's show, unlike GR he started with a family fortune). This year's competitors are seriously flawed ;they're such whiners when they do the losers' chores like cleaning or shelling crabs--it's restaurant work, plain and simple. Ramsay's tests are consistently merit-based, and not far off from what chefs would have to do for a position in a good establishment. He did skew things by having the 'chefs' serve the construction workers, rather than having them eat 'blind',which gave an opening for virginia's charm and flirting (didn't see any women in the construction crews). Neither of the two finalists will last long as an exec chef at that big vegas place, barring extreme remedial instruction/personality reconstruction. enjoy the show

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        Agree, this is just entertainment and if any of the two finalists becomes "executive chef" at the restaurant in Vegas, it won't last long. I have only caught the last three of four episodes, but all of the contenders seem like back stabbing whiners, which is probably fine with the show's producers, after all it is all part of the "drama".

        Keith was schmucky last night, acting like a loser. But who knows who will be losers and winners in the end. You never know how well someone might leverage their "fifteen minutes".

        I like GR, he is a taskmaster on the line, but he is also a teacher, and seems like a good guy. It would be interesting if his two actual sous chefs that appeared on the show last night were interviewed, and talked about what it is like to work, really work, long term, in one of Gordon's kitchens.

        Ah, well, it was a nice diversion last night.

      2. How Virginia made it this far, unless GR DOES have a "thing" for her, is beyond me.

        I pegged Heather as the winner from the first episode. She's the only one that seems capable of pulling off actually being able to run a restaurant.

        But honestly, I'm only watching for the dramatics of the whole thing at this point. I have no vested interest in anyone as the winner.

        1. Read a rumor on eater that Keith intentially tanked last night's episode because he had an offer to run a restaurant in Manhattan.

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          1. re: wingman

            If true, please post the name if you find out. I do NOT want to eat there.

          2. http://eater.curbed.com/archives/2006...

            That's the article - says he also has a line of sauces coming out.

            1. That article said he threw the 2 hour finale. That's not until next week and he's already been booted. Seems more like sour grapes to me. Although he kind of disgusted me, I mean he referred to himeself as K-Grease, I did feel kind of sorry for him. To me, he's the one that had come the farthest from the early episodes and he was always solid on the line.

              Virginia just annoys me. I don't see how she could last in any kitchen unless she was sleeping with the boss.

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              1. re: LisaLou

                They all kind of annoy me - Virginia is wishy-washy and just can't get her act together; Heather cries at the drop of a toque if she gets beaten in competition and "can't understand why the construction workers didn't like my chicken sandwich and fries!", and Keith's been combative and unwilling to accept constructive criticism from GR throughout the entire show, rolling his eyes, walking away from the Chef.

                Keith and his slack-jawed, dull-eyed look will forever be imprinted on my brain as a pretty good characterization of Sloth from "The Goonies", although Sloth was much more intelligent. And don't get me started with his white-boy hip-hop act and referring to himself in the third person...that just grates on my nerves!

                But as ChinoWayne said above - it's entertainment.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  lol, I said the same thing about the Sloth similarities to my dh last night. Very freaky.

              2. I was waiting for him to incorporate a "baby ruth" into one of his meals!

                1. The only real surprise last night was Virginia's very good palate, or I suppose the other's lack of one. I mean, if she's the only one who could discern beans instead of mashed and basil instead of cilantro, the other two should be ashamed.

                  I'm glad to see the back of the mouth-breathing K-Grease, too.

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                  1. re: yumyum

                    Well, she doesn't smoke, so that could have something to do with it - both Heather and Keith smoke a lot, dulling their tastebuds, I'm assuming.

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      You sure? I could have sworn I saw her smoking with the rest of them. I enjoy that bit of reality in this show ... I have worked in my share of restaurants and it's true ... everyone smokes.

                      1. re: yumyum

                        I know she's sat outside with them, but I think it's Heather (and Sara and Rachel) who smoke.

                    1. re: BigboyDan

                      Watch again. Heather's definitely smoking too.

                    2. //If true, please post the name if you find out. I do NOT want to eat there.//

                      LOL. I agree. My friends were all commenting last night that if you had a choice between restaurants run by names like Emeril, Flay, Boulud, etc., why in the world would you pick the one with "K-Grease" behind the stove?

                      1. Well, then it's Virginia who doesn't smoke, I remember that one of the two doesn't...

                        By the way, I tend to not hire cooks that smoke - for no other real reason than that of their taste buds being shot...

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                        1. re: BigboyDan

                          Well - I guess you'd never hire Tony Bourdain.

                          1. re: applehome

                            Well Bourdain is a great raconteur, an informative and entertaining writer, and enthusiastic eating and drinking buddy, but I wonder if his cooking is on the same level as a Gordon Ramsey?

                            1. re: applehome

                              I wouldn't hire Bourdain for many reasons. But, I do like his writings.

                          2. Neither of the finalists seem very strong in their skills. I wonder if the prize will be adjusted like last year's prize was to accomodate for a larger learning curve? If all else fails, for future seasons they can change the name of show to "who will finally get their own restaurant".

                            1. What was BULL was GR showing Victoria how to work the pass. He told her exactly what he wanted. She had the inside track on that challenge. It would be the same as a teacher giving a student answers to a test. And her ‘test’ of the wrong fish was by far the easiest. I this she was chosen so that there would be a clear winner. Heather is by far the better chef.

                              Keith while being a slack jawed wanna be ‘gangsta’ is a decent cook. He needs to mature and focus on his talents. I think Virginia has the making of a decent chef but at this moment she is just too young and inexperienced. Her place in the final was given to her.

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                              1. re: Withnail42

                                I agree with the comment about the fish test. What the hell was that? Keith get overcooked pasta, Heather gets lumpy potatoes, and Virginia gets the wrong fish. I beleive she got a sea bass instead of a salmon, geez, it not even like they look alike! The fix is in.

                                1. re: Withnail42

                                  I agree with the fish test - that was way easier than the other two contestants' tests. But GR said up front - the winner of that challenge would get to learn various tricks and ways to run a kitchen - including managing the hot plate. So that was part of Virginia's reward. Keith or Heather would have gotten the same reward if they had figured out basil vs. cilantro and Tuscan white bean puree vs. mashed potatoes, as well as the type of bass used.

                                  1. re: Withnail42

                                    I disagree with your assessment. V consistently won accolades and challenges based upon preparation of individual dishes. People clearly like the food she prepares. I'm not a chef or pretend to know anything about professional kitchens, but isn't it possible that a good chef is not always someone who is good on the line? That a good palette and instinct for what tastes good is primary for being a good chef? Techniques can be taught, but can you teach someone how to taste?

                                  2. It came across to me that he decided to show her what to about the pass as an after thought. I know the reward was simply to cook and learn one on one (which would be pretty cool.). I did not think the hot plate was part of the deal.

                                    She also seemed to get an advantage by following the others around and seeing what they were doing, when she saw Keith with the couscous. And lets not forget she had his cookbook...does anyone know if the recipe is in there?

                                    As much as Keith needs to grow up. I think it was wrong that because Virginia did better at the pass (with GR’s help) he’s out despite being better than her in just about everything else.

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                                    1. re: Withnail42

                                      "It came across to me that he decided to show her what to about the pass as an after thought."

                                      Editing. We have no idea everything that was said and what was cut. That's why I watch any of these shows with several grains of salt. Maldon Sea Salt, of course. ;-)

                                      I do agree she had an advantage in seeing how Keith and Heather did prior to her turn.

                                      1. re: LindaWhit

                                        Very true about the editing...and the Maldon Salt.

                                        Still considering it was Keith’s first time up there, (after how many for Virginia?) that he should be the one to go.

                                    2. When Virginia was at the pass she had strong people putting out the food on the line. When Heather and Keith were up there they had to rely on Virginia to produce quality food on time. I agree that Virginia has a great palate, but I can't imagine her working on a line in any kitchen, let alone running one in Vegas. At least Heather would have the balls to tell someone off and not go in the office to cry about it after.
                                      I think the producers of Hell's Kitchen have gone out of their way to show us every coy and flirty comment Virginia has made about Gordon Ramsey.

                                      1. Keith kept his team together and producing show after show. He showed a lot of leadership, not just talent. Sure he's an idiot rap poseur, but he was the most steady & consistent leader. Too bad his attitude wouldn't let him finish hard.

                                        Heather saw the lumpy potatoes and was going to pass them! I love how she gets her determined intense gameface on for a moment and then the next scene is crying her eyes out.

                                        They both were morons for not telling the difference between basil & cilantro. Gimme a break. That's so basic! Virginia deserved the private instruction for that reason alone. Having nice breasts didn't hurt either (face facts people...plastic surgeons aren't getting rich off just reconstructing people from accidents! Breasts really do help women get what they want in this wonderful world).

                                        Remember that "reality" tv is anything but, with all mannner of manipulations they throw in not to mention editing for dramatic effect.

                                        Gotta admit to hating GR at first and now respecting him. I'd use his book or go to his restaurant.