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Aug 8, 2006 02:15 AM

Hell's Kitchen: Getting Hot!

Best night EVER:

Ramsey (to Keith): I personally don't think you're ready to run a

Keith: I personally think you have a thing for

Ramsey: Why do you have to be so rude?

Keith: You're rude to me all the time.

Ramsey: So?

This made me laugh out loud. Chef Ramsey grew on me, as did all the contestants. Looking forward to the finale.

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  1. "Keith: I personally think you have a thing for Virginia."

    Thing for = "hardon".

    It was testy!

    I was happy to see gape-mouthed Keith go, though.

    Seriously, it's like Surviror with AllClad.

    1. hello, I find GR's control over things to be a refreshing change from the other reality shows that give the audience/viewers input on the results (never watched Trump's show, unlike GR he started with a family fortune). This year's competitors are seriously flawed ;they're such whiners when they do the losers' chores like cleaning or shelling crabs--it's restaurant work, plain and simple. Ramsay's tests are consistently merit-based, and not far off from what chefs would have to do for a position in a good establishment. He did skew things by having the 'chefs' serve the construction workers, rather than having them eat 'blind',which gave an opening for virginia's charm and flirting (didn't see any women in the construction crews). Neither of the two finalists will last long as an exec chef at that big vegas place, barring extreme remedial instruction/personality reconstruction. enjoy the show

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        Agree, this is just entertainment and if any of the two finalists becomes "executive chef" at the restaurant in Vegas, it won't last long. I have only caught the last three of four episodes, but all of the contenders seem like back stabbing whiners, which is probably fine with the show's producers, after all it is all part of the "drama".

        Keith was schmucky last night, acting like a loser. But who knows who will be losers and winners in the end. You never know how well someone might leverage their "fifteen minutes".

        I like GR, he is a taskmaster on the line, but he is also a teacher, and seems like a good guy. It would be interesting if his two actual sous chefs that appeared on the show last night were interviewed, and talked about what it is like to work, really work, long term, in one of Gordon's kitchens.

        Ah, well, it was a nice diversion last night.

      2. How Virginia made it this far, unless GR DOES have a "thing" for her, is beyond me.

        I pegged Heather as the winner from the first episode. She's the only one that seems capable of pulling off actually being able to run a restaurant.

        But honestly, I'm only watching for the dramatics of the whole thing at this point. I have no vested interest in anyone as the winner.

        1. Read a rumor on eater that Keith intentially tanked last night's episode because he had an offer to run a restaurant in Manhattan.

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          1. re: wingman

            If true, please post the name if you find out. I do NOT want to eat there.


            That's the article - says he also has a line of sauces coming out.