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Aug 8, 2006 01:50 AM

City Hall Market Update

I checked out the City Hall Farmer's market today. It wasn't too big but I REALLY liked what I found! I picked up some apricots from Keown because of an earlier posting and then some white peaches because they just looked good. The peaches were amazing! Seriously, I'm really picky with fruit and these were some of the best peaches I've had in a really long time!
I also got a fennel and golden raisin breadstick from Five Loaves Bakery. I've never had this combination of flavors before and I was surprised at how well it worked!
Overall quite a nice afternoon snack!

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  1. Five Loaves alone is worth the trip to the City Hall Market.

    I love their Ciabatta Bread and the Golden Raisin and Fennel loaf.

    I've been known to add one of the bread stick to eat on the walk back to to the Back Bay.

    1. So glad you liked the market - I thought our local markets might be a little underwhelming to someone used to SF's abundance and selection -- glad we stack up well!

      I discovered those breadsticks last time I was there - excellent, though VERY strong on the fennel seeds. They also had some sugar buns that I wish I had right now.

      Tip on those apricots -- I cooked a bunch last night that had ripened on the counter for a week (wrapped in a towel) and while they were a little wrinkly and softish, the ones I snacked on were also the sweetest ones yet -- flavors had concentrated beautifully. Of course it's sort of a crapshoot to let them ripen that long, as a few of them will rot and have to be kept from the others, but that only claimed 2 or 3 out of the 2 pints I had. Also noticed that the small fruits (ping-pong ball-sized) were tastier than the large one (golf-ball sized) - I don't know if they're a different breed or different trees, but they were definitely better.

      1. Hi,

        I tried the little purple plums, and those were excellent.

        Also, that Danish Bakery place...that is VERY dangerous. :)