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Aug 8, 2006 12:58 AM

Looking for great (yet cheaper) wine bars

Hope the title is self explanatory. I would love to find more places that have AFFORDABLE wines by the glass (and some great food to boot!) It doesn't have to be a wine bar per se, but somewhere you can go to eat and drink well. Thanks!

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  1. What does affordable mean to you? I think that Lou (www.louonvine) can be affordable or expensive, depending on how much you drink/eat. One friend always complains that it's expensive, but that's because she gets like 3 orders of the pig candy, and at $5/plate, that comes out to $15 and you're not even approaching full, and she orders several regular-sized glasses of wine as well as more food because she's still hungry. When I go with other friends, I'll generally get several 2 oz. pours (which start at $4), since I seem to pace myself depending on how much is left in the glass (and if I start with less, I drink slower), get a starter, split the macaroni and cheese which I love, and then also split dessert. Also, I don't think that his wine list is terribly priced, and there's always a lot of stuff on there that I've never seen which makes it fun, as I love being introduced to new things.

    I believe La Maschera in Old Town Pasadena has a happy hour with drink/food deals, so you might want to check that out also. I've never been, though. Bodega Wine Bar, with locations in both Santa Monica and Pasadena, also has nightly specials, but their wine list doesn't seem to ever change much.

    1. Once again - not sure what you consider inexpensive. I happen to like the wine selection at Father's Office, and at around $9 - $12/glass you can get a 6 oz pour (1/4 bottle) of something you've never tried before... and the nice tapas plates are an inexpensive accompaniment...

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        And using that logic, you can drink at most wine bars including AOC, Bin 8945, etc. You get what you pay for - if you want to drink good wine, it will run more than if you want a small pour of two buck c....!
        With good wines today mostly starting at well over $10 a bottle, you need to charge a minimum of $5-$7 a glass to make any money. If that is expensive, then so be it.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions so far! I was hoping to find places that offer some wines by the glass for under $9.00. I'm just tired of restaurants that only serve not so good wines for $9 and up. Again thanks for the recs.

        1. If Pasadena is not too far, there is a great wine bar -- with good food -- at the Paseo Colorado Outdoor Mall. It is called Bodega and their prices are very reasonable. It's a great place to hang out, drink wine, eat food, etc. The owners are terrific and friendly, as are the servers.

          Bodega Wine Bar

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            I second Bodega Wine Bar. It's comfortable and the prices are very reasonable. Actually once, it was free: The bartender tried a "cool" move by attempting to slide my glass of ice water down the bar to me. It slid over in front of me, the glass fell over, and I had ice water all over my jeans. I actually thought it was hilarious, but he gave my friend and me a whole bottle of wine...on him.

          2. Try Silverlake Wine across from the Red Lion on Glendale (at the corner of Silverlake Blvd.). They do tasting three times a week, very nicve and very reasonable.

            I forget the name of it, but there is a really cool French Market and Wine Bar in the Original Farmer's Market by the Grove. They have a happy hour Mon - Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 and wine and appetizers are half off. Be sure to try the muscles.

            Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock on Colorado a few blocks East of Eagle Rock Blvd is small but looks really nice. I haven't made it to a tasting, but they always seem to have a nice crowd when I go buy.

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              Mr Marcels is wine bar at the Farmers Market. Thanks for the tip about their happy hour!!