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Aug 8, 2006 12:56 AM


We have three nights in Budapest in September. Want to eat "well" for two of those and just
fun and funky but still good for the third. Welcome all suggestions. But big question - is Gundel past its prime or is it a must? Also looking for tasty casual lunch places. Scenic doesn't hurt.

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  1. I did Gundel (quite a number of years ago--at least 5) and it was fun but definitely a bit tired around the edges. I had foie gras-what else??? It's a bit out of the way. We went as a large group so that added to the atmosphere.

    I had a surprisingly great meal at a spot that may not be there anymore but it was called Barock, a block or two behind the Opera house. It was sort of hidden away but everything was delicious--including my deep fried foie gras (not sure how that's possible but awesome). Everyone else's Paprikash is still on my mind all these years' later.

    Throughout the city, there are many sandwich (small sandwiches, that is--one can eat 3-5 for a nice lunch-ex: egg, smoked fish, chicken, beef, cheese) shops. Very inexpensive--can eat in or take out.

    fyi--not about the food but if you like porcelain, Hungary has Herend and it's a real find!!!! There are several stores plus other outlets for other makers. Enjoy!!!

    1. btw-scroll down to June 22, there is a chain of comments about your topic.

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        Eve. Thanks for your advice. I keep thinking about deep fried foie gras . . . Tafttiger!

      2. Gundel is still great, but I don't disagree with the assessment--though it's not really out of the way. There are lots of touristy things to do nearby, including City Park, the Zoo, Heroes' Square, The Museum of Fine Arts. It may not be on Vaci utca, but it's not out of the way, imo. BTW, we live in Budapest 2-3 months a year, and we usually have access to a car, so maybe that's a bias showing!
        Some other ideas:
        In Buda, there's a place called Hemingway that has a nice, varied menu and a tremendous atmosphere. In the summer, it's mostly open air, looking out onto a large city park. For real hardcore Hungarian food that's also damn good, try Karpatia just past the end of Vaci utca in Pest. For a little hipper night, try any of the many Leroys around the city--there are about 4-5, just avoid the ones in malls. It's sort of American style, though. Another coolish place is Artichoke.
        As for the "sandwiches," I can't stand them. Just about any little place that looks like a 50s american coffee shop serves good food. They won't speak much English there, but the food will be hot, fresh and flavorful.

        1. PS Our wedding reception was at Gundel. So that's another bias! :-)

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            Great to hear from a native. I think we'll have to give Gundel a try. Appreciate your advice.

          2. Two more recs:
            Karpatia does classic and fine Hungarian fare in a more pre-Astro-Hungary way than Gundel and its fin de siecle loveliness. Also, it is closer to the tourist area on Vaci utca.
            After about 13 years, Cyrano (just off Vaci utca) still does the best semi-hip continental. I ate there on Saturday night for the first time in 7-8 years, and it was just great. Every dish was delicious, the service was top notch and the vibe was fun.

            Here is some detail on Cyrano along with a list on the left of some of the best restaurants in Budapest: