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Aug 7, 2006 11:50 PM

Pie Dish

I have never made a pie and think I am going through a pie phase right now. What should I look for in a pie dish? Glass, metal? Any recommendations?

I am making my first pie today actually and am going to use my cake pan that I think is a pie dish (metal) however, I think my cake pan needs to be replaced (its my grandmother's from 20 years ago and looks like they are ready to be thrown out) but it has the handles on the side like a pie dish?

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  1. I've used metal and glass and perfer glass. You can see the crust and make sure it's crusty... I use the standard pyrex... here's a picture...


    1. I like metal pans for shortbread type crusts and pyrex for regular pastry. One caution though, I have one pyrex pie plate with a fluted edge and handles. The edges of the crust break every time I use that one so I prefer the old standard ones.

      1. I to like the standard Pyrex 9" glass pie pan. Works great, never fails.

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          The old standard Pyrex glass pie pan are great. They have a nice edge for crimping and the height is perfect for pies...non of that deep dish stuff. They are becoming very difficult to find.

        2. french emile henry ceramic pie dish.
          deep (holds alot of fruit), cooks evenly and very handsome

          1. Unless you can lay your hands on an old fashioned perforated pie pan like Aunt Chick of pie fame used, glass is best.