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Aug 7, 2006 11:22 PM

Skippack restaurants

What are your favorite restaurants in the Skippack area?

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  1. I really don't like any of the restaurants in Skippack. Brasserie 73 is okay but overpriced. The rest are boring (and overpriced). I would drive a few miles toward Centre Square to Ravenna or Fuzion or keep going a bit to Blue Bell and go to Alison. Much better than anything in Skippack.

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    1. re: JanR

      We largely agree, except that I am not impressed by Fuzion. Still when friends want to go there, we happily join. It's not unpleasant, but it's a bad suburban impression of Asian fusion, <imho>. Ravenna and Alison are both favorites!

      Oh, and actually we do enjoy Tokyo in Skippack, particular on a beautiful evening. It is not the best sushi in the immediate area (Sushi Kazu and Blue Fin are both better) but it serves very nice Japanese food in a very pretty atmosphere. The porch is particularly lovely.

      And if anyone has not been to Korea Garden, I suggest you give it a try. It is in Blue Bell in the Village Square shopping ctr. They're equipped for tabletop barbeque and serve some incredible stews and rice dishes. It's not fancy, but clean and pleasant. But do be patient with the servers, the crew they have right now includes a lot of servers who really don't speak English.

      And lastly, we've usually been happy at Parc Bistro. Again it's more the ambience than the food. We've always had good food, sometimes very good, but it's not going to be great!

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        Oh thanks for reminding me about Tokyo! I really need to get back there! I went there once with a friend in mid august for lunch. We were just curious about the menu and had missed the three o'clock cut off time but when I regretted having missed out the gracious hostess said we could still get lunch even though we were the only ones there. The setting is lovely and relaxing. The heat had eased up and it was a perfect seventy three degrees. I got shrimp tempura with a salad and it was very good, I even got a little carafe of plum wine just as an excuse to linger. An employee was using a hand mower to cut the grass without disturbing us and that just blew me away. The delightful atmosphere and gracious service is making me filled with happiness just remembering,

    2. Ravenna is one of my favorites in that area, I definitely recommend any of their homemade pastas or their cheese plate. I like both Brasserie 73 and the Roadhouse too, thogh I agree they are a bit pricey. If you want to drive about 15 minutes up towards Blue Bell, Alison is an amazing restaurant in that area too.

      1. Both Parc Bistro and the Back Porch Cafe are very good (IMO much better than Alison). I also like Cafe at Cedars a lot as well.

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          I have had great salads and sandwiches from the Back Porch for lunch. However, we went there last night for dinner and it was unimpressive. My seafood combination in scampi sauce turned out to be a big bowl of pasta in a watered down sauce...almost making the seafood inedible.

          1. re: percyn

            We ate lunch there several weeks ago and I ordered the beef stew. Right out of the can I tell you! Bleh! Plus they do not brew their iced tea. Off the list!

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              We had dinner once at Back Porch Cafe and will never go back. We were having dinner with another couple for the first time. They picked the restaurant so we didn't want to complain at the time. I called the restaurant when we got home to let them know our meal was unsatisfactory and they hung up on me. We all ordered surf and turf (filet and crabcake). The filet tasted like it was steamed (no pan seared, grilled or broiled taste or texture and the crab cake was okay. One would expect more care with the food when the entree itself was about $40 (2 years ago).

              With regards to other Skippack restaurants...we consistently enjoy Parc Bistro. We have eaten there many times and the service is always good and the food is usually good to very good. We've tried the Cafe at Cedars twice and were not impressed either time. Pricey for mediocre food.

              1. re: nevets

                Zacharias is down 73 a bit, but has great food! Stop by on a weeknight for dinner or lunch for a more casual and less expensive meal.

                1. re: nevets

                  Have to agree with the Parc Bistro recommendation. The food has been good and compared to the other restaurants in Skippack, service is friendly and responsive. Always impressed with the food and service at Brasserie, but it is pricey. Prefer Bon Jung in Collegeville to Tokyo in Skippack if you go for sushi. Wish more establishments would train their staffs to lose the attitudes. No meal is good enough to put up with some of the wait staffs we've endured. Just pretend you're warm and friendly, it's the difference between a 10% and 20% tip.

                  1. re: elmoresblues

                    If you are looking for good Italian food I would also recommend Basta Pasta.


                    I used to be a huge fan of Bon Jung and got take out from there at least 3 or 4 times a month, but I feel that the quality really went downhill to the point that it was almost inedible.

                    The last straw for me was when I ordered a spicy tuna handroll and found literally a 1/2 bone in it (fortunately I saw it before I bit into it). That, to me, is inexcusable. I did, however, give them one final try, but it was really substandard.

                    Another "issue" I had with Bon Jung is that they never seemed to have any specials nor did they change up their roll offerings. After a while their rolls got to be very boring, especially since the majority of them have eel as the main ingredient.

                    At this point I'd rather drive 20 minutes to Blue Bell for Sushikazu instead of 3 minutes down the road to Bon Jung.

            2. Quick update....Brasserie 73 still rocks. I hosted an event there in the main dining room and they were really good and everyone enjoyed it. The Coq au Vin, while it does not contain rooster, does feature a well braised chicken and hits the spot in the cool weather.

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                Haven't been in a couple of months but the Brasserie is still one of my favorites. Warm and cozy in the winter, wonderful outside in the summer.