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Aug 7, 2006 11:02 PM

Uptown Eats?

I just moved to uptown and am looking for both restaurants and bars (w/food) that are must tries.

I'm near Willow/Carrollton.

We tried a place on Oak/Carrollton for sandwiches today - eh. It was fine, but nothing special.

Also tried a breakfast spot up on pannola near pine. It was a bit too salty for me. But seemed like a fine place.

I like all kinds of food - i just need to know where to go! Thanks.

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  1. This neighborhood is lousy with restaurants, even post-K. Here's a partial list; I'm sure others will add to it:
    --Cafe Lebanon (middle eastern, inexpensive, laid back, delicious)
    --Mona's (about the same as above, but I think Lebanon is slightly ahead in the food category)
    --Iris (on Jeanette)
    --Ninja (Oak St. toward the river, sushi)
    --Hana (also sushi, Hampson St off of Carrollton)
    --One (near Hana)
    --Jazmine Cafe (vietnamese, lots of inexpensive lunch specials, Carrollton, next to Camellia Grill)
    --LA Pizza Kitchen (next door to La Madeleine), wood fired pizzas
    --Jacques-Imos (Oak St toward the River)
    --Ye Olde College Inn (up Carrollton toward the I-10, just past Walmsley Ave; an old NO favorite reopened since K)
    --Vincent's (on St. Charles, italian)

    A new spot is opening soon on Oak--Philip Chan's Asian Cajun Bistro, which has a terrible name but pretty good food.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Iris is wonderful, I would definitely recommend you give that a try.

      Vincent's, IMHO, is terrible and I don't understand why the place does so well.

      I would also throw in Plum Street Snowballs--you're right next to it!

    2. I've been to Ye Olde College Inn twice since Katrina and it is a real good neighbor restaurant now. Much better than pre-K even if not as rustic. You shouldn't miss it--I had poboys and good deserts.

      1. You must live within a couple of blocks of me. Welcome to the neighborhood! The above list is good, I'll add several more (I counted one time and I think we have almost 40 restaurants in a 10 block radius). I'll also add another plug for Iris. And Lebanon is our go-to can't-figure-out-what-to-eat place. I like Riccobono's (the place on Panola) for breakfast, but I usually get the pancakes.

        Nino's is great takeout italian.
        GB's is very relaxing and makes an excellent burger. Good nachos, too.
        Jamila's on Maple St (French Tunisian)
        Brigtsen's, of course.
        Dante's Kitchen -- I'm not the hugest fan, but we had a good meal the last time we were there.
        Fiesta Bistro had a nice tapas list, the rest of the menu seems overpriced.
        Dough Bowl Pizza -- there's a window to the street by the Boot (on Broadway) that serves pizza til around 2 am. It's good, too. There's also Crepes a la carte right there for more food to go.
        Maple St. Cafe on Maple St, white linen mediterranean food.
        Fresca on Maple St.-- salad/sandwich/pizza place-- decent and cheap.
        There's a new pizza place by Hana (called Pepperoni's, maybe?) that I think is pretty good. Also a breakfast and lunch spot right there called Refuel. I haven't tried it yet, but the menu looks promising.
        Cafe Volage is behind the Walgreen's. It's been awhile since I've been there, but I liked it.
        Sarah's is next to it, again been awhile, but I thought it was way overpriced.
        Chinese place in the Walgreen's strip. Typical.
        Cooter Brown's has decent bar food (real cheese on the cheese fries).
        Saltwater Cafe is good for oysters, haven't been too impressed with the rest of the menu.

        Avoid at all costs: O'Henry's, and Vera Cruz on Maple St.

        I think that about covers it. I wish the popeye's would reopen. :)

        1. One Restaurant is my favorite place in the neighborhood. The food is very good and the prices are wonderfully reasonable. I also adore Iris which is small and wonderful. My other fave in the area is La Cote Sud which I hear is back open. It is on Maple St. near Carrollton ave. and the country French food is marvelous.

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          1. re: mikey

            Really, La Cote Sud is back open? The last time I went by a few weeks ago, the boards were still over the windows, as they have been since Katrina. I will drive by today.

            1. re: JGrey

              Update on Cote Sud-- I walked by last week, and the boards were off the windows, and there looked to be some sort of cleaning equipment inside. It looks pretty rough, though. No signage on their plans.

          2. Brigston's is a must! Cooter's has excellent RB po-boys! Also, Parisol's. Is the car running? Gotta go down to Pascal's Manale! That oyster bar is the Best!

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              Streetcars NOT running on St. Charles/uptown line. Latest word says that the line might be open from Lee Circle to Canal Street by word on when the rest of the line will be up & running.