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Aug 7, 2006 10:55 PM

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie in Eagle Rock

Still good? I haven't been in quite a while. Quite fearful of the long lines, but do they also take reservations?

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  1. I don't get it about this place. I don't think it's ever been all that good, certainly not worth the wait. The sauce is kind of boring, the toppings - eh! The crust holds up well through about the first slice and then it gets weak and a bit soggy.

    It always amazes me that it's so hard to find great pizza. I guess it's one of those things that is so simple, it's difficult.

    My current favorite pizza - it keeps changing - in L.A. is La Fornaretta in Pasadena, on Raymond just south of Colorado in Old Town.

    1. I'm no fan of Casa Bianca Pizza either.

      1. Personally, I love Casa Bianca and will always will. One of my favorite things to order is the thin crust with either the sausage and pepperoni or the tomatoes and meatballs. Either way, the crust is always nice and crispy and since I'm a cheese lover, the amount of cheese they put on their pizza always makes me a happy camper.

        As for reservations, I think they will for a party of 6 or up, but you may want to double-check. In the past, I've hosted dinners there where the maximum number of people that I could get a reservation for was 16 and usually only after the main dinner rush slows down a bit.


        1. Count me in the "don't get the Casa Bianca" thing. I'll occasionally get a pizza from there, and I'm just not impressed. The crust is good, but the cheese doesn't excite me. Combine average food with an above-average wait, and I'll pass on CB. It is a local scene, and a little bit of a landmark, so there's points for that. If I'm going to do a pizza in Eagle Rock, though, I'll go down the the Capri on Eagle Rock Boulevard. It's a simple, almost humble pizza that always goes down well.

          1. My feeling about CB is this...

            It's an escape from L.A. - within the city: Nothing Hollywood about CB (except for the cheesy, local headshots by the front counter), and nothing particulaly SoCal about it, either.

            That place...could be anywhere.


            You can't beat the prices. Especially for the house red.

            Great atmosphere with a great cross section of local folks.

            I love it.