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Aug 7, 2006 10:45 PM

Better cuisine at the Homowack

Rumor has it that the Homowack has been sold to investors connected to the Skvere chassidim, and they will continue running it as a hotel.... Still OU, but no more mixed swimming, OK most of us who read chowhound don't look so great in a bathing suit anyway!

But will they start serving some geshmakke treats... overnight kugel? Ptsha for kiddush? Heimishe soup instead of the pale yellow soup base ersatz chicken soup with jarred matzo balls? Three types of gefilte fish..... Toi'amehoo on Friday afternoon? There is a heimishe caterer in New Square who makes fabulous heimishe food, and even the more elegant salads the balebattish party planners require.

Now that would make it a hotel worth going to.

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