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what to eat after food poisoning?

had a mild case of food poisoning last week and then drank gatorade all day. got hungry later and the only thing in the house that seemed safe was pecans. they seemed to be OK (but again - this was a very mild case compared to my other experiences.) Then i had a craving for potato chips and ate about 1/3 of a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips. this also seemed to be OK.

But for more touch and go cases - for any case really - what is recommended fare during/after recovery from a little food poisoning

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  1. The BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

    1. The typical diet that is recommended by most doctors is the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Those foods are the least disruptive to the belly. Sipping flat ginger ale is also recommended.

      Feel Better!

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        That's interesting - I had some bananas at home (which I love) but the thought made me queasy while I was recovering so i avoided.
        I know this is going to sound strange, but I had friends visiting from the other side of the country the day after my dismantling, and they really wanted chinese. So the first meal i had afterwards was crab in black bean suace (is there anything more difficlut and messy to eat?!?); singapore noodles; choy sum; etc.
        I had a coke too and the fizz was what bothered me most actually - could feel it going from side to side in my intestine, and actually felt that all weekend. Today it's much milder, but still there.

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          Yeah, the carbonation is rough. There is nothing worse than a stomach virus or food poisoning. I feel for you.

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          > most doctors [recommend] the BRAT diet

          I'll second this sound medical advice with unfortunate firsthand experience and suggest adding Pedialite and saltines to the shortlist.

          There just isn't anything that your body will keep down for a while so you'll want formless (easily digestible), tasteless matter coming back up when it does.

        3. 24 hours of clear liquids (ones you can see through--i.e. not milk and not orange juice and not broth with noodles) and then the BRAT diet for 24 hours.

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            After 24 hours of BRAT am i allowed to eat whatever i want?

          2. haven't heard of BRAT, my choice would be something like cereal (especially JustRight).

            1. I usually have Chinese rice porridge (jook). You boil 1/2 cup of rice in 5 cups of water until it is the consistency of thin oatmeal. If you think you can stomach it, add in some chicken breast at the beginning of cooking for some flavor. Season with soy sauce or salt. It is extremely bland but very light, effective, and helps to hydrate the body again. An old Chinese remedy!

              1. I tend to subscribe to the "if I'm craving it, it must be ok" philosophy. When I've been sick or had a bad stomach (have had bad food poisoning twice and hope it never happens again), I often crave Asian chicken broth, like the broth from won ton soup. Sometimes I make a home version by boiling chicken broth with some ginger. If I'm up to it, I'll add rice noodles. Very soothing.

                1. Unfortunately-- I can speeak to this one!!! I had salmonella 2 years ago and it put me in the hospital for 2 days. I have NEVER felt so awful. Took weeks to recover-- but I did lose 12 lbs! :-)
                  All I could eat was flat ginger ale-- very cold-- and bad white bread (like Wonder).

                  1. I can relate...

                    All I could do was drink gatorade with a straw and eat a few saltines. Chicken broth the second day.

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                      that is the worst advice ever. something like that can potentially kill an individual. it's my job to know these things.

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                        Why is it so harmful? It doesn't sound that bad to me, but I'm not a medical doctor or nurse....

                    2. i take five charcoal capsules at the first sign of symptoms, followed by colloidal silver (natural antibiotic). then, i'm usually fine.

                      1. I just had food poisoning last night. Lasted from 7pm till about 7am. when I woke up I sipped a little water till I knew my stomach would keep it down. Then after a bit I had some freezy pops cuz they were cold and felt good on my poor stomach. about an hour ago I finished my first apple, and so far so good. my stomach actually is growling so I might try some toast here in a bit. I say just eat what sounds good.

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                          Very similar! 7pm to 7am. Until I was all drained out. Went to doctor got an injection and tablets and they recommended me to have bananas and soup. Which I did. I love bananas so that was okay. It's been 48 hours now since the injection and i am pretty hungry. Pizza tonight? No meat though... :)

                        2. It may have been "a few years ago", but the only cure for me was an IV in the hospital (of course I was 8 month's pregnant!

                          1. Stay away from things you like until you're 100%. Otherwise if you get sick again, you may have a negative association with something you used to really enjoy. I still avoid applesauce, and I'm iffy on pudding...

                            1. I don't like bananas, so my usual routine is clear liquids at first - no caffeine, no dairy, things like apple juice, sprite, gatorade. Then I add plain crackers as a test. If that goes well, my go-to for a simple meal is plain, defatted chicken stock, in which I cook pasta until it's mushy.

                              1. Had a TERRIBLE case earlier this year. I won't get into specifics, but suffice it to say that everything passed through my system way too quickly, for over a week! Bleah.

                                Only thing that I felt like eating at first was toast and green tea.

                                1. i crave jamba juice when i'm sick. i guess the common theme here is something cold, has some carbs (but not too much b/c sugar can worsen diarrhea), and don't require much digestion...
                                  oye. my belly is angry!

                                  1. Heh, if you are having trouble keeping liquids down, I know from experience that grape juice doesn't taste terrible on the way back up. I once couldn't keep anything even fluids down for a couple of days (probably food poisoning or freak stomach bug), so I became something of a connoisseur of all things that come back as offerings to the porcelain gods if you know what I mean ;). Water and OJ tastes awful. Grape juice retains most of it's flavour and doesn't seem as affected by digestive secretions. Lemon-lime gatorade wasn't awful either.

                                    When I finally started eating, I think I just had chicken broth with a little rice. The broth was made with the bones and everything, so it was a good hearty broth. I also vaguely remember really digging a plain baked potato.

                                    1. Guinness Stout and bread...

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                                      1. Clear liquids, broths with salt to get the electrolytes (which was why you probably craved the chips). When I was a kid my mom used to get Coca-Cola syrup from the drugstore for an upset stomach so that's the rare time I drink Coke.

                                        1. I had great results in the Peace Corps with food poisoning from chamomile tea. However, I was then treated for the Evil Eye, which didn't include tea as a remedy. I did find that whenever I was super-sick, whether from medication for something or food poisoning, that the Orange Gatorade packages that they supplied were a miracle for re-hydration.

                                          1. Unsweetened coconut water - nature's Pedialite/Gatoraid.

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                                              I'm sure it is, but coconut water always gave me the worst stomach aches while I was in the Peace Corps in Ecuador and it was readily available. Maybe it was just me, though.