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Aug 7, 2006 09:43 PM

seeking wine shop/Tacoma

Are there any good wine shops in Tacoma? Moving to town in about a month. Was in Pairings, which seemed OK, but small and rather New World oriented. Anything better in town?

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  1. CRC, You might try Vinotique Wine Shop. They are located just off 72nd in Lakewood. Along with a good wine selection, they have excellent breads and Italian deli items. The produce market (adjacent to Vinotique) offers a European approach to shopping for veggies and fruits. (Making it worth the drive.)

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      Thanks! I'll give it a try. Will be out for good in about a week.

    2. Wine Styles on Pearl has wine arranged by taste (bright, mellow, etc) which is kind of interesting.

      I like Tacoma Wine Merchants on N. Tacoma Ave. near Stadium HS.

      Metropolitan Market has an okay wine selection (on Procotor and n. 25th). And we have a Trader Joes too in Unversity Place!

      There are also lots of wine bars - Pour at Four on Proctor; Cafe Divino on N. 30th; Vin Grotto on Pacific; and there's one off of Bridgeport in the UP area.