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Aug 7, 2006 09:18 PM

Best Buffalo Mozzarella in Manhattan and/or NYC


at first I would like to thank all responses so far, for my first post. Another Chow recommended to use a different topic to attract
more responses and to gain better results - here we go:

I am looking for the best Buffalo Mozzarella in New York City !!
I had a few weeks ago the perfect Caprese in Brooklyn/Williamsburg and now I hope that this post will help me to find this perfect Mozzarella, definitely Buffalo Mozzarella ? So it should come most-likely from Italy...please post a lot of replies, that I can test several places and find my personal Mozzarella heaven !
Thanks a lot.

Take care, Heiko

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  1. Fresh mozzarella is not something that travels well. Sheer bliss can be found in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx. Casa della Mozzarella makes OUTSTANDING mozzarella. Oh to get it while its still warm is a true treat.

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      plenty of places sell Buffalo Mozzarella, the key is finding it the day it arives from italy as it goes sour in a few days. i'd reccomend finding a good store and creating a relationship with the owner.

    2. You may want to try Woodstock Water Buffalo Mozzarella which is now being made domestic in Woodstock, NY. Check it...

      1. Di Palo on Grand Street near Mulberry has some great homemade mozzarella, similar in quality to the above mentioned Casa della Mozzarella or the equally as good Mikes Deli, both in the Bronx. Most of the buffalo mozzarella I have seen in these stores are the same imported brand in a small bag. I do not know where, or if, it is made locally except for the above recommendation. Most of the great buffalo mozzarella that I have had has been imported.

        1. Casa Della mozzarella makes theirs in house, as does Mikes deli.

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            They make the buffalo mozzarella in house? I have not seen it at Casa and Mikes can be insane at times so maybe I missed it.

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              As I posted before, I think everyone is confusing local fresh mozzarella, made from cow's milk, with buffalo mozzarella, made from water buffalo milk. The ONLY water buffalo milk creamery in the entire United States is in Vermont (the Woodstock link posted above) and they don't sell their milk (although they do make yogurt and mozzarella). The rest of the true buffalo mozzarella is imported from the Campana region of Italy. Its expensive but good.

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                You're right that people are confusing buffalo mozzarella with fior di latte, which is the mozzarella made with cow's milk (the handmade stuff at the latticini). But I don't think Woodstock is the only domestic buffalo mozzarella producer in the US (although they make that claim on their website). There's a dairy in California that also makes it, called Bubalus Bubalis.

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                  Thanks for the link. That's good to know, as that company has online direct-ordering for all their products.

          2. DiPalo's and the Italian store in Chelsea Market sell fresh buffalo mozz and stracchino (you must try this, sometimes called creschenza.) Chelsea market always has the cheese and it tends to be cheaper, however di palo's has higher turnover.