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RARE Hamburger ???

Is there any place left in TO that will serve a RARE burger?
I love rare meat and am willing to walk on the wild side and order a buger RARE, but everywhere I go I am denied this pleasure.
I am tired of being told I HAVE to have my burger MEDIUM.
I do not have a BBQ ,or I would just cook them at home.

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  1. As best I know, it is NOT illegal to serve a rare hamburger. The TO Health folks -- that is, the folks who tried to ban sushi a couple of years ago ago (and Chinese BBQ before that) -- have nevertheless convinced restaurants that they can't serve a rare burger -- though almost all of the "hamburger disease" in Toronto has come from contaminated fruit and vegetables!

    In fact, could you please tell me where I can get a "medium" burger? Almost every burger I've seen lately has been cooked beyond well done.

    Every Ethiopian resto in town serves RAW minced beef. The ones I've been to all state this clearly on their menus, all have green "pass" signs, and none has poisoned me yet.

    The biggest laugh is Licks -- the one fast food place that would actually cook a rare burger in the past. They use PASTEURIZED beef cooked directly from frozen. They cook them until overdone, and then cook them a bit more. Their frozen burger patties are delicious cooked rare on my own grill, and I haven't poisoned myself yet. I gagged on my last burger in a Licks store and returned it.

    1. I had mine 'medium', with some pink at Hal Burger on Adelaide. They grind their own meat every day, so it's not shipped as 'ground beef'. It was damn good too.

      1. The burgers at Bymark are pink and juicy-of course they're also made from pure sirloin and are $36.

        1. I haven't been in about three years, but you might want to give Betty's a try (King East, just at Sherbourne across from the Sun building). I remember being asked how I would like my burger done.

          Another place that *might* do it is Allen's (Allan's?) on the Danforth, just east of Broadview.

          1. I've also been lookign for a burger that is served just medium! i got a little excited when I saw Hero Burger claimed to cook it medium, but of course, they don't.

            1. Was at Thuet for for lunch on the patio yesterday and had their: "Steak hache of beef farcie with goat cheese" which I came to find out is a HAMBURGER! but the waiter said that they so not grind their beef but chop it by hand using the same quality meat they use for the steak tartar. This is alos served on thier homemade buns... It was the best burger I had this summer. While not very big in diameter (about 4 inches) it was very thick and yes the inside was pink...

              1. I was discussing this very subject with a chef friend of mine, and he said that some restaurant owners 'test' their cooks by entering a rare hamburger into the ticket system.

                Any chef that actually produced one was fired.

                My understanding is that if the meat is purchased as ground by the establishment, it is illegal to serve it rare. If it is hand-chopped, as is the case with some of the burgers mentioned above, that rule does not apply.

                1. Magoos - a take out/ eat in retro burger joint on dundas (dundas and royal york) in a strip mall. They will cook burgers to RARE on request..... highly recommended for a good burger, lots of toppings. 3 types of fresh grated cheese to choose from (not those rubbery squares usually offered), and lots of unique toppings. . . . The decor reminds me of saved by the bell.

                  1. I recently had a bison burger at the Rebel House which was medium rare (as requested) and it was delicious and came with nice thinly cut kettle fries(?). Under $10 I believe

                    yonge and rosedale.

                    1. Supposedly Baton Rouge at the Eaton Centre grinds their own ground beef daily as well and always ask about preferred degree on doneness on order. I have never ordered past medium personally but it might be worth a try.

                      P.S. One thing to keep in mind is not whether they grind but how often they clean the grinder.

                      1. I had a gorgeous rare bison burger at the Rebel House the other night. With a side of poutine and a Denison's wheatbeer, oh man, it was good...