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Best restaurant in Marblehead?

Can someone please recommend one? We will be staying there at the end of August. Seafood of course!!

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  1. Marblehead is a pretty poor restaurant town. The last decent meal I had there was at a surprisingly not-terrible Thai place called Sticky Rice.

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      I second Sticky Rice...really good Thai with a lot of seafood on the menu.

    2. I like Pellino's in the center of town. Decent Italian food in a nice atmosphere....nothing incredible, but worth checking out.

      1. There are a couple places on the water that serve seafood, those being the Landing and the Barnicle, both coast a bit on their location and don't offer much of a surprise. But, if you are willing to wait for a table outside on the (very small) deck at the Barnicle the view is great, right on the harbor, and their chowder and steamers can make for a nice lunch.

        1. Unfortunately, you do not travel to Marblehead for the chow. I'd suggest heading over to Salem for dining options:

          Finz (seafood)
          Cilantro (Mexican)
          Hawthorne Hotel for Sunday brunch
          Flynnies (on the beach for fried food - Washington Street location isn't bad)

          and I'm sure there are more, just can't think of them right now.

          Pellino's and Sticky Rice are about the best options in Marblehead.


          1. Slim pickings in Marblehead and most of the north shore. However, if you do not want to schlep out of Marblehead, Jack Tar isn't bad and has a very nice patio for outdoor dining.

            1. Get sandwiches and prepared food at Shubies and take a picnic to the lighthouse on the Neck (Chandler Hovey Park) or Crocker Park.

              Maddie's is fried seafood and STRONG DRINKS - you should not miss it, it is a sailors bar and a tradition in Marblehead.

              1. Pellino's used to be one of the best restaurants in the area, if somewhat pricey. I went with my family, friends and girlfriend quite often, but something happened-something BAD! I was out of state for about a year, and was anxious to have a good meal in Marblehead (yes, somewhat oxymoronic, unfortunately). I invited my parents to join my girlfriend and me for dinner at Pellino's. Although the restaurant had only a couple other tables, service was terrible: inattentive and sloppy. I ordered gnocci, which was glutenous and stuck together, un-evenly cooked with a bland tomato sauce and an overpowering smoked mozzerella that added to the sticky gloopy mess. The atmosphere was not enhanced by the snippets of conversation overheard coming from the kitchen: a lot of swearing and in particular the phrase "like flies on s%$t". Now occasionally a waiter will spill water, and I can understand that, but the waiter actually spilled water into my mother's dinner and did nothing to rectify the situation. Now I'm saving the worst for last...The waiter brought our appetizers (the gnocci for me). When he returned he asked if we wanted anything, how was the food, you know, the regular stuff. But the whole time he was talking, spittle was landing on my arm! I backed away as far as the booth would allow without crushing my girlfriend into the wall, realizing that it was surely landing in our food, glasses and silverware. It was so outrageous I just started laughing, got up and went to the bathroom to wash my arm. The food was all but inedible to begin with and this just ensured that I will never have to endure another meal at Pellino's

                1. If you're looking for italian, Pellino's right downtown is a good choice. I'd recommend it over Cafe Italia.

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                    I know this is an old topic but a good friend of mine lives in Marblehead and he keeps telling me to try Sablone's. He has gone for dinner a few times and raves about it every time.


                  2. As others have said, it's not a great restaurant town, which is a shame since the seafood should be able to jump from the boat to the plate. Most people would consider the Landing the place to go for seafood, but it's nothing special.

                    If you want authentic New England seafood in a super casual environment, go to Woodman's in Essex. Best after a day at the beach.

                    1. Tried Jack Tar's again and had two delicious dinners. We had chowder, warm potato chips and one cod dinner baked and the other fried. Everything was delicious.