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Aug 7, 2006 08:47 PM

Where I can purchase a skirt steak in B-more?

My favorite cut of meat to cook at home is a skirt steak (a.k.a. hangar steak or Roumanian steak). I have not seen a single grocery store or butcher stock this cut?

In New York City (where I lived for the last 20 years), it is a common cut found in any grocery store. The cut is flavorful, tender, and cost-effective.

Where can I find this cut? I live in Mt. Washington (near Pikesville).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Would be surprised if you couldn't get it at Treuth.

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    1. re: Lowbar

      Just called their retail outlet. No hangar steaks, and they "very rarely" carry skirt steaks. (Their unintentional pun not mine).

    2. Cierello's in Belvedere Square. $11.99 a pound for Prime

      1. I've found it on occassion at Costco as well (at least the one in Sterling, VA).

        1. Wegman's in Hunt Valley has skirt steak as well.

          1. In this region, skirt steak and hangar steak aren't the same cuts, although there are some similarities. Skirt tends to be much thinner. For skirt steak, any market that is aimed toward Hispanic customers should have it, as that is the cut used for fajitas. Expect to pay $3.99/lb or less at your local bodega.

            Hangar steak isn't as easy to find. The Grand Mart chain often stocks it in cryrovac packages at $2.79/lb as "hanging tender". At that price, it comes with the sinew between the two halves of the cut and you will need to separate the two steaks yourself.

            It appears that there is a Grand Mart in the B'more area:
            6901-14 Security Blvd., L11, Baltimore, MD, 21244,
            Tel : 410-594-9840. You may want to call ahead to be sure they have the hanging tenders, as I've seen the one in Sterling VA run out. I've never seen them out of skirt steak.